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GeminaDUO® Wall-mount System Wall-Supply-Units

GeminaDUO® Wall-mount System

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GeminaDUO® Wall-mount System

Compact and versatile, the GeminaDUO is a vertical, wall-mounted system that can be configured to create a safe, comfortable, patient-centered environment in a variety of different care areas.

Flexible Design

The Dräger GeminaDUO can be customized for use in a variety of care areas and workplace configurations. Depending on your specific workplace requirements, one Dräger GeminaDUO column can be used to supply a single or even two beds at a time, or, two columns can supply one bed. The maximum set up gives you the option of wet/dry separation as well as additional mounting capacity for infusion pumps and other ICU equipment.

Perfect ergonomics

Thanks to its proven vertical design, the Dräger GeminaDUO helps you improve workflow by placing connections and components within easy reach of caregivers. Single and dual-sided cable management elements provide added utility.

Light for added utility, safety, and comfort

Various lighting options let your patients read, rest and recover in comfort while providing high-quality light sources for examination and allowing caregivers to safely navigate around the room at night.

Patient comfort

Both the Dräger Color Line and its design approach, which strives to conceal technical components, are in line with current healing patient environment philosophy.

Easy cleaning

Smooth, seamless surfaces inhibit dust collection and facilitate cleaning.


Florida Hospital Case Study
Florida Hospital Case Study


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WPI ICU Design Brochure


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