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Infinity® Gateway Suite Connectivity and Remote Access

Infinity® Gateway Suite

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Infinity® Gateway Suite

​Get the most out of your clinical information systems. Integrate data from Dräger monitoring and therapy devices with lab results, entries in electronic medical records and clinical information systems across hospital departments. Infinity® Gateway applications, interfaces and developer tools enable you to exchange information for a more comprehensive view of your patients.

Makes comprehensive clinical data available at the point-of-care

​Infinity Gateway’s HL7 and ASTM interfaces facilitate the exchange of patient information between the Dräger Infinity Network and other hospital systems, enabling you to see a more complete picture of your patients.

You can automatically import HIS admission data directly to the patient monitor. Another option allows import and export of laboratory data to and from the patient monitor.

Import/Export interfaces

​You can also export data from Dräger vital signs monitors and connected therapy devices, including ventilators and anesthesia machines, to third-party systems such as paging and alarm systems, electronic medical records (EMR), hospital information systems (HIS), lab information systems (LIS), and clinical information systems (CIS).

  • HL7 2.3 protocol enables export of vital signs, solicited and unsolicited import of admission data, and import and export of laboratory data
  • IHE-compliant (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) HL7 options utilize the 2.6 HL7 protocol, enabling export of vital signs and alarms to other IHE-compliant systems as well as the import of patient admission data
  • Paging interface exports alarm data from Infinity telemetry and bedside/transport monitors to the hospital’s paging system (supports alphanumeric pagers using TAP1.7 and ESPA 4.4.4 protocols)
  • ASTM stat lab interface connects Infinity monitors to ‘stat’ laboratory devices that use the ASTM protocol
  • WinAccess API Developer Interface allows 3rd party applications access

Remote viewing applications access near real-time patient information

​View near-real-time monitoring data on a PC on the hospital network with the Infinity® PatientWatch® option. This includes visual alarms, vital signs, waveforms, full view of 12-lead ECGs and trends in graphical and tabular format. You can see respiratory information and lab values on a networked PC running the Infinity® VentWatch® option.

Supports patient safety with efficient workflows for timely decision-making

​Integrating patient data supports continuity-of-care and helps reduce expenses associated with combining data manually and inadvertently duplicating tests. Spend less time looking for, and entering, patient data and more time connecting with your patients. The clinical data comes to you, on a network supported PC with access to the hospital network, so you can make timely, well-informed decisions.

Infinity Gateway’s Time Master feature synchronizes the time on monitors and therapy devices connected to the Infinity Network so that patient data are accurately correlated for review and in the patient record.

Develop applications and databases for clinical research and reporting

​Infinity Gateway WinAccess API enables you to cost-effectively develop custom applications that support in-house clinical research projects. You will be able to consolidate and export information to management systems and databases for data analysis and reporting. The WinAccess API developers’ toolkit makes it possible to interface with third-party and custom applications, such as intake and assessment systems.

Data access tools enable you to customize the presentation of clinical data, via either a sophisticated Application Programming Interface (API) for C and C++, or an easy-to-use utility that exports ASCII text files for legacy systems.   

Flexible deployment opportunities

​Infinity Gateway supports VMware® ESXi Hypervisor technology facilitating cost-effective software deployment and reduction of total cost-of-ownership.

For improved IT uptime, a software option for a Temporary Software License allows a backup server to store the enabled options, operating up to 72 hours (no licensing dongle needed).

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