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Infrared sensors

Compact and powerful: The durable Dräger infrared sensors work very accurately and precisely, even in oxygen-free atmospheres.

Infrared Sensors

  • ​monitoring of explosive mixtures and CO2
  • recommended for frequent occurrence of explosive gases
  • compatible with: X-am 5600 / 7000 / 8000
  • measuring range: lower explosion limit up to 100 vol.%, for CO2 0 - 5 vol.% 

Free of poisoning

​Dräger infrared (IR) sensors do not poison like traditional catalytic sensors.

Extremely accurate and precise

Dräger infrared sensors are characterized by a very high degree of accuracy.


​With warranty periods of up to 5 years, Dräger infrared sensors are extremely reliable.

Best quality and high performance for every application

Dräger infrared sensors are available in various versions – perfectly suited for any purpose and intended use. Together with Dräger gas monitors, which are developed in-house, the full performance and efficiency of the sensors is realized.


Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en
Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en


DrägerSensor® & Portable Instruments Handbook (4th Edition), en
DrägerSensor® & Portable Instruments Handbook (4th Edition), en

Since its first edition, for many of you this booklet has become an essential companion that provides valuable assistance in your everyday working life. We are very proud of the extensive positive feedback.


Sales Learning Landscape MGM
Sales Learning Landscape MGM


TN: Difference in measurement technology IR CO2 and XXS CO2
Warranty vs guarantee mobile gas detection

Sensors and substances

Dräger-Sensors for portable gas detectors can be used to measure a large number of hazardous substances. Check the different sensors by searching for a substance. Get in contact with our experts to get more information.

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