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Dräger LAR 8000

​The Dräger LAR 8000 is a rebreather for tactical diving which can be used in either closed (CCR) or, at greater depths, in semi-closed (SCR) circuits. This non-magnetic rebreather offers minimal breathing resistance and features a durable, easy-to-operate design.

Dräger LAR 8000: The flexible, all-purpose rebreather

​When lives are at stake during a mission, you must be able to adjust to unforeseen situations. The LAR 8000 rebreather from Dräger is perfectly equipped for these situations, enabling you to choose between closed-circuit (CCR) mode to avoid bubble formation, or semi-closed (SCR) mode to reach greater depths using nitrox.

Minimal breathing resistance

​Divers are faced with a wide range of challenges. Anything that reduces strain and improves performance will help the diver in successfully completing the task. The ability to breathe underwater is a constant challenge. The special design of the LAR 8000 ensures extremely low breathing resistance and advanced breathing performance for the diver.

High stability

​Harsh external conditions can affect the life-sustaining components inside the device. The LAR 8000 is prepared for any event. Its durable housing encloses and securely protects the breathing bag, scrubber and pneumatic equipment, and therefore, the safety of the diver.

Simple operation

​The device is quickly ready for use and simple to operate before, during and after the mission. Regardless of whether visibility or space is limited, The P-Con click connections on the LAR 8000 enables divers to mount it quickly and easily, without the need for any tools. Dräger's DiveSorb Go 8000 pre-packed canister gives the diver the option of saving time when setting up the rig by simply inserting a canister, rather than filling loose soda lime.

Adjustable lung demand valve

​For whatever the task requires, the diver can adjust the pressure of the lung demand valve. The diver can switch between easy, comfortable breathing under normal diving conditions, or a harder setting for use during tactical ascents.

Non-magnetic (optional)

​The LAR 8000 is a non-magnetic diving device in accordance with STANAG 2897 Class A. All components of the device are designed and tested according to this standard.


LAR 8000 Product Information, en-us
LAR 8000 Product Information, en-us


Technical Data

Key Facts

Front mounted Back mounted
Principal of opertaion
Closed circuit rebreather with oxygen ; Semi-closed circuit rebreather with nitrox
Tactical Diving, Submarine lockout, Recovery
Hard cover
Gas supply
switching between Oxygen and Nitrox
Adjustable lung demand valve
Manual bypass
Soda lime typ
Dive Sorb® Go 8000 ; Dive Sorb® Pro

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm (L x W x D)
1.49x1.12x0.62 ft
Weight in water
Diving depth oxygen
up to 10 msw
Weight in air
30.86 lb
Diving duration Oxygen
up to 240 min
Diving depth Nitrox
up to 24 msw
Diving duration Nitrox
approx. 105 min.
Breathing gas
NATO A, 100 % O2 ; Nitrox NATO B, 60 % O2, 40 % N2
Operating temperature
0°C - 40°C
Storage temperature
-30°C - 50°C
Magnetic signature (optional)
STANAG 2897, Class A
Soda lime quantity
5.51 lb
Flexible volume of breathing bags
> 4,5 liter

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