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Linea Flush

​For care areas where saving space is a top priority, consider the economical, highly customizable Linea Flush. Dräger designed this discreet flush-mounted unit to meet requirements for a patient-friendly supply unit that takes up minimal space. As a result, you can use it virtually anywhere – the ICU, OR, NICU and beyond.

Contemporary space-saving design

​Linea Flush is a member of the Dräger Linea family of medical supply units. It’s an ideal choice for care areas where space is limited, or where you need to supplement an existing medical supply unit. The clean, discreet design of this economical unit helps make work more efficient for staff, while enhancing the feel-good factor for patients and visitors. A wide choice of colors and finishes allows the Linea Flush to be unobtrusively integrated into any interior design or color scheme.

Highly customizable for new and existing spaces

​Depending on your needs, the Linea Flush can be any length between 11.81 to 157.48 inches (300 mm to 4 m) and can be configured with up to three rows of gas, power or data outlets in any combination. It can be installed horizontally or vertically to fit the room design and space available.

Designed to support a healing environment

​Linea Flush is available in a range of RAL (color matching system) colors. In addition, the service plates can be finished in a wide range of elegant wood grain designs. The flush-fitting installation and perfectly integrated media terminals help ensure maximum safety, ease of cleaning, and hygiene.


Linea Flush Product Information, en-us
Linea Flush Product Information, en-us


Linea Brochure, us
Linea Brochure, us


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