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Linea® Vertica

​The Linea Vertica goes beyond most wall supply units because it can also support holders for bedside medical equipment as well as provide outlets for gas, power and data. A contemporary look and wide range of design and illumination options let you create a patient-friendly atmosphere – even in the most demanding care situations.

All-in-one unit also holds equipment

​The Linea Vertica is a member of the Dräger Linea product family of medical supply units. It’s an ideal choice for patient rooms or other specialized areas where you want to create a patient-friendly atmosphere while supporting clinical efficiency. A wide range of options enables the Linea Vertica to ergonomically hold bedside medical equipment as well as supply gas, power and data to one or two beds.

Highly customizable

The Linea Vertica is designed to be easily configured to meet your specific care requirements. Outlets for gas, power and data can be positioned where needed in the service plates down the sides. Gas terminal units and electrical outlets can also be integrated into the front plate. Equipment rails or 1.5” (38 mm) poles can be arranged to accommodate medical devices according to clinical demands. The Linea Vertica can be supplied in any height between 39.77 and157.48 inches (1-4 meters).

Designed to support a healing environment

​The Linea Vertica supports the growing trend toward design-optimized patient rooms. The unit’s housing and faceplate are available in a range of elegant wood-grain designs and the service plates come in a range of RAL colors to complement your interior design scheme. Perfectly integrated media terminals help ensure maximum safety, ease of cleaning, and hygiene.

Offers supplementary illumination

​The Linea Vertica can be equipped with a night light or combined with an external illumination unit. This makes a wide range of illumination options available, including indirect illumination, fixed or movable reading light and a night light.


Linea Vertica Product Information, en-us
Linea Vertica Product Information, en-us


Linea Brochure, us
Linea Brochure, us


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