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Dräger Oxygen Booster DOB-H Oxygen-Filling Stations

Dräger Oxygen Booster DOB-H

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Dräger Oxygen Booster DOB-H

​Small, sturdy and effective: the mobile Dräger Oxygen Booster DOB-H, a single-stage, dual-action piston pump, is indispensable in all situations where high-pressure oxygen is needed in apparatus cylinders but no power source is available.

Flexible and mobile

The mobile Dräger Oxygen Booster (DOB-H) is operated manually and is characterized by its flexible applications:

  • for firefighting
  • for mining
  • for diving
  • for humanitarian and emergency response
  • for military applications

Efficient, cost-effective and ready for use

With a total weight of only 110 lbs., the Dräger DOB-H is equipped with a logistical fill panel, incl. valves, extension hose, pressure gauge and a robust pump block made of heat-absorbing brass. The oxygen is pumped manually from the storage cylinders into the apparatus cylinder to be filled. Several cylinders can be connected at the same time using an optional connection adapter. Due to its design, the Dräger DOB-H is ready for use at locations without a power supply or in the event of emergencies.

Excellent design

Because alternative piping is not required, contamination by lubricants is not a problem for the Dräger DOB-H. Wear and tear as well as maintenance tasks are reduced to a minimum because of the high-quality components and elements. Tool and spare part kits are supplied with the pump. Customer-specific connections are also available on request.

Tested safety

All Dräger oxygen booster pumps are manufactured to ISO 9001 as well as being approved and certified by TÜV and BAM.


DOB-H Product Information, en
DOB-H Product Information, en


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