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Dräger PSS Lung Demand Valves

The Dräger PSS LDV is designed to meet the extreme environmental conditions in which today's fire fighters must operate

Robust Compact Design

Compact, lightweight, easy to use and easy to service. A high impact resistant composite housing material in conjunction with a silicone protective cover protects the LDV from knocks and ensures reliable operation under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Service Friendly

All components designed for easy maintenance.

Wide Range to Suit Different Customer requirements

The Dräger PSS LDV range is available with a range of facemask connectors to suit different applications.

Ergonomically designed

Streamlined design allows unrestricted vision. Centrally located switch-off button easily accessible with a gloved hand.


Video: Changes in 2018 Edition NFPA-Certified SCBAs
Video: Changes in 2018 Edition NFPA-Certified SCBAs

(Video .MP4) Take a look at a few of the changes in our SCBAs required to earn the 2018 Edition of NFPA standards. Each and every components in the ensemble were analyzed and optimized for the new Dräger SCBAs.


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