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Perseus® A500

Combine proven ventilation technology with the latest refinements in ergonomics and systems integration with an advanced, easy to use anesthesia platform designed together with experts from around the world to streamline your anesthesia workflow.

Advanced ventilation in the operating room

The Perseus A500's TurboVent 2 ventilation technology supports the continuum of ICU-quality ventilation across all patient categories. Airway pressure release ventilation (APRV) and Volume AutoFlow let you continue protective ventilation therapy in the operating room. The new breathing system design of the anesthesia machine facilitates fast gas concentration changes to help you manage cases with certainty and allows patients to breath spontaneously at any time.

Enhanced workplace ergonomics

The Perseus A500 offers a generous, well-lit workspace for documentation and organization of accessories. With large drawers, hooks, and various shelving options, there is ample room to store and manage accessories as well. The anesthesia machine’s integrated cable channels and castor cable deflectors help you maintain a clutter-free workspace. And the Perseus A500’s newly designed breathing system can be disassembled and reassembled in just a few simple steps.

Flexible workflow support

The workflow support features of the Perseus A500 are designed to streamline and simplify your routine. Its flexible design supports various mounting options for monitors, clinical IT hardware, shelves, and poles for IV pumps to best suit your needs. A common user interface between the ventilator display, patient monitoring system and clinical IT components promotes fast clinical adoption and intuitive control. And a timer-based, fully automatic self-test prepares the anesthesia machine before you are even in the operating room.

Low- and minimal-flow anesthesia tools

The low-and minimal-flow anesthesia tools on the Perseus A500 are designed to improve the clinical, financial and environmental impact of anesthesia delivery. Its Low Flow Wizard guides clinicians to the lowest possible fresh gas flow so anesthetic agent consumption/costs can be minimized. And the anesthesia machine’s heated breathing system is designed to reduce condensation especially during extended cases.

Award-winning design

The Perseus A500 has been awarded two major design awards: the “iF product design award 2013” in the category “medicine / health+care” and the "red dot design award 2013: best of the best” in the category “Life science and medicine.” Both awards count among the most important international design competitions and not only rate design quality, but also aspects such as safety, ergonomics, functionality, degree of innovation, and environmental compatibility.


Brochure: Perseus A500 (PDF)
Brochure: Perseus A500 (PDF)

Learn more about the Perseus A500 anesthesia machine and its monitoring/IT solutions


Product Information: Perseus A500
Product Information: Perseus A500

with mechanically controlled gas mixer


Product Information: Perseus A500
Product Information: Perseus A500

with electronically controlled gas mixer


Perseus A500 (SW Version 1.n) Online Product Trainer
Perseus A500 (SW Version 2.n) Online Product Trainer

Technical Data

Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Highly-integratetd anesthesia plattform
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling
Ventilator technology
Blower-Technology, Electronically-controlled TurboVent2
APL-Technology / Precise manual ventilaton
Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer
Low- and minimal flow setting support
Visual filling level of bag; Low flow wizard

Ventilation Modes

CPAP in Man/Spon
Volume Controlled (VC)
VC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Controlled (PC)
PC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Support
Volume Controlled AutoFlow


Screen Display
15.3" touch-screen with storable view and profiles
Vaporizers capability
up to 3
Device self test
Timer-based fully automatic self test
LOOPS (p/V-loop and flow/V-loop)
Smart Pilot View
Patient gas module
in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent

Technical Data

Device versions
Trolley version
Breathing system
integrated anesthetic gas monitoring
Fresh-gas mixer
electronic mixer or mech. mixer with digital read-out (by setting values)
O2, Air, optional N2O
RFID Technology
Serial interfaces
1x Ethernet, 1x USB, 2x RS232

Safety Concept

Emergency ventilation in case of total gas supply failure
Typical battery run-time in case of power supply failure
150 min
Emergency start-up procedure

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