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Polaris 100/200

The Polaris® 100/200 medical lights provide cool light with natural colors and rich-contrast for thousands of hours of reliable, quality illumination for your clinical applications.

Reliable and affordable LED technology

LEDs are highly efficient light sources for clinical applications. Dräger has combined the advantages of this innovative light source with a new, extremely compact, lightweight yet robust design that includes individual lens reflectors for enhanced output and shadow control. With an average operational lifetime of 30,000 hours, this LED technology is reliable and affordable.

Compact design, simple operation

The design of the Polaris 100/200 makes installation and maintenance very easy, while its lightweight construction ensures practically effortless positioning.


Polaris 100/200 Product Information, en us
Polaris 100/200 Product Information, en us


Technical Data

Operation Lights

Operational Application
Surgical light with basic functions
Light-field diameters
20 cm

Technical Data

Light intensity
P100: 40000 - 120000 lx; P200: 20000 - 160000 lx
Ambient light intensity
300 lx
Colour temperature
4400, 5000, 5600 Kelvin
Number of LEDs
P100: 48 LEDs in 8 modules; P200: 66 LEDs in 11 modules
Service life of LED
50000 hours
Light head diameter
2.03 ft
Battery charging time
24 hours
Bridging time
180 min


Mobile Version
Ergonomically shaped sterilisable handle
Ergonomically shaped sterile handle
Handle with intuitive touch control
Integrated OR interface
HD camera

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