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Dräger Polytron® 8900 UGLD Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Dräger Polytron® 8900 UGLD

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Dräger Polytron® 8900 UGLD

​The Dräger Polytron® 8900 UGLD transmitter is an early warning area monitor for detecting high-pressure gas leaks in outdoor industrial process environments. Thanks to an ultrasonic acoustic sensor, it responds earlier than conventional gas detectors because it registers the sound of leaking gas instead of measuring the concentration of accumulated gas clouds. As gas escapes, leaks are immediately detected in the surrounding area, regardless of the wind direction.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

  • Sensor: Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Installation: Increased Safety or flameproof
  • Interface: 4-20 mA, Relays and HART ®
  • IP class: IP65/66/67 and SIL2
  • Special: Display, detecting high-pressure gas leaks

Ultrasonic sensor technology – the early warning system for gas leaks

​Typical gas detection systems used to monitor pressurised gas pipes or containers in industrial environments only detect a gas leak if the gas is in the immediate vicinity of the gas sensor. Environmental influences such as wind can delay or prevent a gas cloud from being detected by gas sensors. On the contrary, the Dräger Polytron 8900 UGLD is not affected by environmental factors and detects a high-pressure gas leak as soon as gas escapes. Effective early gas leak warnings can prevent unnecessary shutdowns, saving time and money.

A perfect complement to your gas detection system

​The Dräger Polytron 8900 extends the Polytron 8000 series family with acoustic gas leak detection. All transmitters in this series have the same design and an identical user interface. A common user interface ensures that little training or maintenance is required for existing users. The Polytron 8900 UGLD perfectly complements existing flame and gas detection systems with reliable early gas leak warnings.

Delivers results that are easy to understand

​For easy interpretation of results, the measured values on the display of the Polytron 8900 UGLD are shown from 0 to 100 percent of the full scale decibel sensitivity range. The ultrasound level is immediately displayed and transmitted without the use of difficult to interpret artificial intelligence. Alarms are configured at a specific level above a predetermined background noise level. Additionally, a time delay of up to 30 seconds can be set in the control system.

Can even detect gas leaks in loud industrial environments

​Loud process areas generate noise which is mostly in the audible spectrum. Gas leaks from pressurized vessels above 10 bar generate both audible sound and inaudible ultrasound. Since Polytron 8900 is tuned to measure in the ultrasound spectrum, it can easily identify gas leaks with a leak rate of 100 g/sec in a 65 ft radius circle.

Robust design and fully-sealed sensor

​The Polytron 8900 UGLD is an explosion-proof transmitter with a sensor housed in a galvanically-isolated, intrinsically-safe enclosure. The sensor is an ultrasonic microphone that is completely sealed in PVCC, making it impervious to water and dirt. It provides reliable readings without the need for an additional environmental protection baffle. Regular calibration is not necessary, but unlike some other UGLDs on the market, calibration is possible and easy. The expected lifespan of the ultrasonic sensor is more than 10 years.


Polytron 8900 UGLD Product Information, en-us
Polytron 8900 UGLD Product Information, en-us

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Dräger Polytron 8xxx DTM HART® Setup V2.2.0.722
Dräger Polytron 8xxx DTM HART® Setup V2.2.0.722


PolySoft 1.11.0 Setup
PolySoft 1.11.0 Setup


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