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Portable Air Filtration Panel Breathing Gas Supply Modules

Portable Air Filtration Panel

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Portable Air Filtration Panel

Grade D breathing air supplied by sturdy portable panel.

Grade D breathing air supplied by sturdy portable panel

​The Portable Air Filtration Panel provides Grade D breathing air to workers with supplied airlines in hazardous or IDLH environments. Capable of supplying 50 cfm of continuous positive pressure air, the portable panel easily attaches to a mobile compressor or plant air system. A three stage filtering system removes solid particles, liquid, hydrocarbon vapors and odor from the supplied air.

  • Portable Pelican case
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements
  • CO monitor with internal RFI/EMI filters eliminates radio interference
  • Locking pressure gauge prevents accidental pressure change
  • Pressure differential indicator on each stage
  • CO level display permits continuous monitoring of CO levels
  • Audible 120 dBA alarm
  • Auxiliary battery supply
  • Visual alarms indicate low battery, high CO levels, and normal operation
  • Modular filter design for easy maintenance


​The ProAir® evolution is an innovative high performance industrial breathing apparatus, designed for use by those individuals who require protection from respiratory hazards in the workplace. This NIOSH-certified SCBA offers reliability, low maintenance and comfort - yet is cost effective to own. With available options, the ProAir® can be customized to meet your specific needs, making it a perfect choice for protection in the workplace.

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