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To obtain the best value for your investment, your medical equipment needs to operate reliably for the long term. Well maintained devices in your hospital should operate longer, be more reliable, and perform according to specification. Part of the DrägerService® suite of service and support plans, PreventiveCare is a proactive planned maintenance service program designed to help ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of Dräger medical equipment.

Fixed planned maintenance expenses

With PreventiveCare, you benefit from a fixed cost for annual preventative maintenance of your Dräger medical equipment – which enables you to accurately predict your service and support expenses from year to year.

Maximized equipment uptime

Timely scheduled preventive maintenance with original Dräger parts helps to maximize equipment uptime. Because unplanned downtime is generally avoided, you can plan with confidence. All service is provided by highly qualified Dräger service personnel to ensure efficient maintenance and optimized device performance.

Dräger’s service support network – which includes more than 115 factory-trained technicians across the US – provides fast service response times to complement your in-house support efforts. You will receive a phone response to your request within 2 hours and an onsite visit by the next business day, if needed.

Custom solutions

In addition to offering PreventiveCare, Dräger can also provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

PreventiveCare includes:

  • Complete service documentation and access to technical support hotline
  • Inspection labor
  • Preventive maintenance – parts and labor
  • Software updates
  • Travel expenses for preventive maintenance activities

Please note that this plan does not cover corrective maintenance activities or the cost of parts. Those aspects are covered in our TotalCare plan.

Full compliance with regulatory standards

Dräger’s compliance with standards ensures highest quality service with low administrative effort on the part of your staff. Our quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9000 ff. and ISO 13485, and our environmental standard complies with DIN ISO 14001. In addition, Dräger maintains a complete preventive maintenance history record, which increases transparency for compliance purposes.


Preventivecare comparison chart, en-us
Preventivecare comparison chart, en-us


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