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Dräger Quaestor 5000

Empower your service technicians with the Dräger Quaestor 5000, a dynamic test instrument that allows for semi-automatic testing of respiratory protection products. Designed to meet maximum quality standards, the modular Dräger Quaestor 5000 provides reliable and effective test processes—while reducing time and effort.

Semi-automatic static and dynamic tests

It combines intelligent manual operation with technical sophistication to accelerate the test sequence. On the one hand there are processes, such as the control of the high pressure valve, which are fully automated. On the other hand certain individual tests require manual user intervention. With the Dräger Quaestor 5000, a test device is available that has been especially designed for respiratory protection workshops with moderate test volumes.

Optimum tight fit for all mask sizes

The test head can be turned without restriction and removed as required. This flexibility allows the user to tailor the test design even more individually and comfortably to his requirements. The gel face of the test head, which emulates the elasticity of the human facial skin, optimizes the tight fit for all common mask sizes.

Modular product design

The Dräger Quaestor 5000 is available in four different configurations that in each case test full-face masks, chemical protection suits, airline breathing equipment and compressed air breathing apparatus (SCBA) for functionality and leak tightness. The integrated artificial lung further permits dynamic simulated breathing tests. Tests of closed circuit breathing apparatus (CCBA) and safety valves (SV) are also possible. The high-precision and manufacturer-independent measurements are carried out according to NFPA standards, EN 137 and vfdb guideline 0804.

Intuitive software and test documentation

The included software contains a comprehensive database of preinstalled amendable device data. With user prompts and graphic elements the test steps are designed to help the least-experienced user. After every completed test, a report is created for documentation purposes. An optional test-due list provides timely information about tests that are coming due. The software also permits a customer-specific design of the test sequences, events and intervals.


Due to its small dimensions, the Dräger Quaestor 5000 takes up very little space in the respiratory protection workshop. A reduced weight (max. 21 kg 44 lbs. with test head) and a convenient carrying handle allow easy transportation, e.g. in service vehicles. A workbench fixture, included in the scope of supply for the base unit, ensures a stable alignment during testing.

Comprehensive optional accessories

The QSI Box provides a noise insulation for the low-pressure warning resulting in a significantly reduced noise perception by the user. A specially designed bracket ensures a comfortable rest position of the manometer or Dräger Bodyguard during the test. In addition, a holder for all mask-helmet combinations can be upgraded to the test head. Furthermore, a compressed air breathing apparatus holder allows for a positioning at eye level.


Quaestor 5000 Product Information, en-us
Quaestor 5000 Product Information, en-us

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Protector Software V6.4.2
Protector Software V6.4.2


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