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Dräger REGARD 3000 Controller

Dräger REGARD 3000

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Dräger REGARD 3000

Monitor various gases and vapors with the modular Dräger REGARD 3000 control system. Its multi-colored light signals the status of your gas detection system. The controller allows for up to three I/O modules: Analog Input, Relay Output, and Modbus Gateway. You can monitor up to 4 analog transmitters and control up to 8 relays.

Visible and audible

​In the event of an alarm, every second counts - but it is also useful to be able to see the status of the gas detection system at a glance. The Dräger REGARD 3000 makes this possible with a bright LED status light around its edge and a built in horn. Different colors clearly indicate whether everything is in order (blue), whether there are malfunctions (yellow) or whether alarms are pending (red). In addition, it can be seen immediately whether the alarm is active (flashing red) or has been acknowledged (continuous red light). This way, everyone on site is informed about the system status and daily checks are made easier. It comes with an integrated horn and is SIL2 capable.


​Often gas transmitters are installed in areas that are difficult to access or are far away from each other and the associated control unit. The REGARD 3000's 4 – 20 mA HART® input module gives you central access to all diagnostic information in the event of an alarm or fault. The transmitter configurations can also be read out and transferred conveniently in this way. The intuitive touch display gives you an overview of the status of your gas detection system at all times.

Flexible and expandable

​If the range of functions or the size of the gas detection system changes: The REGARD 3000 can be expanded by an additional relay or gateway module, depending on the requirements. This way, the system remains flexible and grows with the plant without having to shut down the production process for a longer period of time. A REGARD 3000 can be equipped with a maximum of one input module, one relay module and one gateway module.

Networking individual systems

​Do you have several gas detection systems with REGARD 3000 and REGARD 7000? You would like to have all systems in view and control and configure them centrally? The REGARD 3000 can be connected to an existing REGARD 7000 as a satellite system. The REGARD 3000 then functions as an additional Docking Station for the REGARD 7000. Networked this way, the REGARD 7000 can detect, control and configure multiple REGARD 3000 as satellites.

Cabinet and panel mount

​Do you have a control cabinet or control station for your process control system and would like to integrate a gas monitoring system? With the Dräger REGARD 3000, you have the option of integrating the docking station directly into a control cabinet and panel mounting the operating unit (display module) in the control cabinet door. Choose between grey and black housing colors.


Regard 3000 Product Information, en-us
Regard 3000 Product Information, en-us


AI REGARD 3000 - Base Unit - 9300283 en
AI REGARD 3000 - Base Unit - 9300283 en


AI REGARD 3000 - Docking Station Cabinet - 9300521 en
AI REGARD 3000 - Docking Station Cabinet - 9300521 en


AI REGARD 3000 - Modules - 9300284 en
AI REGARD 3000 -Display unit - 9300285 en
Gas Dispersion Brochure, en
IFU Regard 3000/7000 - Safety Manual 9033497 en
IIN REGARD 3000/5000 - PC-Software Key - 9300568 en
More than the sum Brochure, en
REGARD 3000 EU-Declaration of Conformity
REGARD 3000 EU-Type Examination Certificate BVS 21 ATEX G 001 X en
REGARD 3000 SIL2 certificate 968 FSP 2339 00 21 de en
REGARD 3000 Type Examination Certificate PFG 21 G 002 X en

Technical Data

Key Facts

wall-mounted or rail-mounted
Digital communication
✓ (outputsignal)
✓ SIL 2c3 (IEC 61508-1-3)
Surface Mount
DIN Rail Mount

Technical Data

Power Supply
115 – 230 V AC
Temperature (operation)
-4°F - 131°F
5 ... 90 % r.h., non-condensing
Pressure (hPa)
700 - 1300
Dimensions (H × W × D)
0.98x1x0.33 ft
17.64 lb
Housing Material
Degree of protection (IP class)


CE marking
Performance approval
Shipping approval

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