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Dräger RIT LifeGuard II Rescue-Devices

Dräger RIT LifeGuard II

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Dräger RIT LifeGuard II

The LifeGuard II RIT bag is a fast and easy method of emergency air transfer used by trained rapid intervention teams to rescue victims or downed firefighters.

Rugged, lightweight, and fire resistant

The LifeGuard II RIT bag is lightweight, portable, and has a fire-resistant bag. To protect the cylinder and pneumatics from damage, the bag has a reinforced bottom that is made of tough vinyl coated polyester. This rugged design allows the bag to be easily dragged over all types of abrasive surfaces.

Designed for fast and easy deployment

The LifeGuard II is fast and easy to deploy. An intuitive, single pull handle opens quickly, providing quick access to all components that a rapid intervention team needs to function and get air to the fallen. The high pressure transfill hose is attached to the interior of the lid, making it easy to find and quick to deploy. The medium pressure lung demand valve (LDV) is already connected to a full face piece, which has its own compartment. Interior color-coded lines make for easier identification in poorly lit conditions.

Designed with rapid intervention team requests

Based on the original Dräger RIT LifeGuard, this new generation RIT bag incorporates many features requested by rapid intervention teams to ensure quick air transfer. Innovations incorporated into the LifeGuard II RIT bag include a slimmer profile and two handles at the top and bottom of the bag for speedy deployment from the truck. A 3-foot airline hose enables fast attachment to a downed firefighter or victim. The multi-tone reflective strips clearly designate the working side of the bag even in low lighting conditions.


RIT LifeGuard II Brochure, en-us
RIT LifeGuard II Brochure, en-us

When everything at the fire scene becomes chaotic, rapid intervention teams (RITs) need to remain calm and focused – especially the person in charge of the air supply. Dräger designed the RIT LifeGuard II emergency air supply based on input from the fire service community. As a result, it ensures fast and easy air transfer to a downed firefighter or victim.


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