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Resuscitaire®End of Sales

Draeger Resuscitaire

The Resuscitaire is the ideal device to have during labor and delivery procedures. It combines an effective warming therapy platform along with the components you need for clinical emergency and resuscitation.

Resuscitation right where you need it

The blender, suction, flowmeter, and positive pressure are all mounted on the bed and accessible at your finger tips.

Alarm Free Pre Warm Mode

​Pre warm mode allows caregivers to focus on the mother and baby without having to divert attention to silence alarms.


AutoBreath is the new standard for neonatal resuscitation. The Autobreath option allows you to perform resuscitation easily and conveniently. You only have to set the breath per minute, FI02, PEEP, and airway pressure relief. All these parameters are adjustable based on the clinical needs of the infant and situation.

Silica Quartz Heater

​The Silica Quartz technology, a fast heating element, provides complete and EVEN heating. A parabolic reflector helps distribute the heat evenly over the entire mattress area.


Dräger Babyroo® TN300Replacement Product

The Babyroo® TN300 is a configurable open care warmer with advanced thermoregulation capabilities as well as advanced integrated technologies to support emergency resuscitation and family-centered care. From delivery room to the neonatal intensive care unit to final discharge, the Babyroo® TN300 is scalable to use in a variety of hospital environments along the patient pathway.

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