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Bubble CPAP

The Seattle-Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) plus system uses the proven advantages of Bubble CPAP therapy to help infants with respiratory distress breathe easier.1 This unique Dräger design offers oscillatory effects similar to high frequency ventilation23. The system is safe, effective and easy to use.

Uses innovative technologies to address respiratory distress

Worldwide, almost 1 million infants die each year from respiratory distress.1 With conventional Bubble CPAP therapy, respiratory muscle exhaustion is a major cause of failure.1 Early intervention with non-invasive therapy is the first choice for treatment, but it’s not always successful. 

The Seattle PAP plus Bubble CPAP system from Dräger offers a solution for such complications. This patented system is designed to create continuous positive airway pressure and pressure oscillations. The 135° angle in the submersed tube increases the amplitude of oscillations. This provides effects similar to high frequency oscillatory ventilation for improving gas exchange and offers more efficient respiratory support than other methods of non-invasive respiratory support.2, 3 These oscillations are thought to lessen the work required from respiratory muscles, which would make it easier for babies to breathe.1, 5, 6, 7

Is simple to use, yet versatile

The Seattle PAP plus is safe, effective and easy to use. It requires only oxygen and compressed air, administered by an O2 blender such as the Oxymixer* from Dräger, and a humidification source for the circuit. 

The system is totally focused on the infant’s clinical needs and enables you to: 
  • Easily adjust CPAP from 4.5 to 10 cm H2
  • Quickly connect the Bubble CPAP system to your choice of BabyFlow® CPAP interface solutions 
  • Treat patients with the needed masks and prongs in combination with BabyFlow plus 
*pending 510(k) 

Incorporates unique safety features and disposable components

Inadvertent changes in the position of the tube changes the CPAP level – which can cause serious harm to the infant. With the Seattle PAP plus, you select your desired settings by locking the tube in the set position. This unique safety feature avoids accidental changes of CPAP levels. 

The Seattle PAP plus is also designed to manage the water level. The peak water level is clearly marked for users not to exceed. There is also a port to attach a water refill bag so there is no therapy interruption. 

Quick setup and compatibility

The Seattle PAP plus system is a complete system packaged together for ease of use and setup. The Babyflow plus is a full system to customize the interface to the exact patient needs supporting better compliance and more positive outcomes with this therapy.


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