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Dräger Secor 7000 Scuba Diving

Dräger Secor 7000

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Dräger Secor 7000

The Dräger Secor 7000 regulator, consisting of a first and second stage, was developed for professional divers. To ensure comfortable diving, the hose can be connected to the second stage either from the left or right side. Secor 7000 is compatible with the full face mask Panorama Nova Dive. The pneumatic system can be individually configured using different outlets on the first stage.

Professional diving with the Dräger Secor 7000

The demands of professional diving are great and require a high level of flexibility and reliability from all system components. The Secor 7000 regulator, integrated with the open circuit diving system Dräger PSS® Dive and the full-face mask Dräger Panorama Nova Dive, was designed to optimally meet these demands. The combination of the first and second stage enables the lowest breathing resistances to meet the DIN EN 250A standard, even when diving in deep, cold waters.

The pressure reducer: High performance and ease of use

The first stage (pressure reducer) has three HP ports and five MP ports to give flexibility in configuration. The hoses can be custom-configured for the diver. The newly designed handwheel ensures a secure connection to the air tank. The first stage is completely black, supply-pressure-compensated and diaphragm-controlled, which ensures air supply, even under extreme conditions.

The second stage regulator: Secure and comfortable

To achieve maximum flexibility, the hose can be connected to the second stage regulator from either the left or right side. The second stage can be opened without tools. This allows cleaning and disinfection immediately after the dive. The bubble deflector is positioned so that bubbles are directed away from the field of view. This applies whether the diver is using a half mask or a full-face mask.

Many possible configurations

Three high-pressure (HP) ports and five medium-pressure (MP) ports make any configuration possible: Pressure gauge, low-pressure warning, computer transmitter for the high-pressure outlets as well as two regulators, an inflater hose for the BCD and an inflater hose for a dry suit at the medium-pressure ports, for example.

Various Hoses

Various hose lengths in rubber or with flex material are available to allow for every configuration and situation.

Connection for either DIN or INT air tanks

The Secor 7000 is available with different cylinder connections: for DIN up to 300 bar or for INT up to 232 bar inlet pressure. The medium pressure is 9.3 bar (+/- 0.5 bar tolerance).

The perfect match: Secor 7000 and Panorama Nova Dive

The Secor 7000 offers added safety in combination with the Panorama Nova Dive. Even under water, the regulator can be unplugged in an emergency and the second regulator plugged into the full-face mask. This means it is no longer necessary to remove the full-face mask, and the dive can be safely ended.


Secor 7000 Product Information, en-us
Secor 7000 Product Information, en-us

(Acrobat .PDF) The Secor 7000 is the ideal solution for cold water search and rescue dive missions. Combined with Draeger's PSS Dive system the Secor 7000 should be a part of all search and rescue dive teams equipment.


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