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Dräger TO 7000

The Dräger Tube Opener 7000 enables you to open the tips of the Dräger-Tubes, pre-tubes and sampling tubes in an efficient manner, with improved safety and contains the tips of the tubes for responsible disposal.

Increased safety

​The TO 7000 reduces jagged edges with fewer glass fragments which occur with traditional tip breaking devices.

Simple to operate

Insert the tube tip into the top of the opener, twist the tube back and forth to score the glass, then bend thetube while in the cutter to snap off the tip. The TO 7000 is a receptacle for the tips. The TO 7000 can beemptied and reused over and over.

Included with the bellows pump

Each accuro bellows pump includes the Tube Opener 7000. In addition to the TO 7000 the pump has thetraditional break-off eyelet and a ceramic scoring element for tip removal.

Tubes with ampoules

The Tube Opener 7000 has a section on the bottom of the device to facilitate the opening of enclosedampoules as depicted on the pictogram of the package.

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