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Dräger Mobile Training Galleries

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Dräger Mobile Training Galleries

The Draeger Training Galleries are used primarily to train Breathing Apparatus users in carrying out tasks while being mentally and physically stressed. Through use of this facility, the SCBA user’s skills are improved in areas of orientation, communication, rescuing casualties, industrial related rescue and sharpening reactions relying on senses other than sight.

Confident SCBA handling

The Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is an essential component of the rescue equipment in fire departments, mining, military, and industry. Safe and effective use of the SCBA requires more from the user than a basic familiarization of how the SCBA works and how to don and doff the apparatus. The user needs to become familiar with the added weight and bulk, that the SCBA adds and how to manage this additional equipment in certain situations. ​


​Physical obstacles are placed within the maze route. These obstacles restrict the opening size by either cutting it in half vertically, horizontally or diagonally. In addition to the physical obstacles in the maze, the training session can be made more Physical obstacles are placed within the maze route. These obstacles restrict the opening size by either cutting it in half vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Custom-design and Mobility

​Draeger offers two types of Training Galleries, mobile and stationary. Stationary systems are constructed inside of an existing building or room and are custom designed to fit the designated area. All that is needed is a floor plan and some details of the room layout, in which the gallery is to be built. The accessible reinforced roof of the Draeger Mobile Training Gallery can also be used as an extended training area. The roof area is equipped with handrails. Roof entrance (hatch) and tripods are among the available options.


​Draeger will discuss the available options along with your department's needs, in order to design your training gallery. Typical options are: ■ Smoke machine ■ Strobe lights ■ Ventilation system ■ Infrared cameras ■ Directional lights ■ Gallery lights ■ SCBA fill station ■ Breathing air cascade ■ Breathing air compressor ■ Shelves and cabinets for SCBA storage ■ Shelves and storage for miscellaneous equipment

Configuration of the maze

The maze is constructed from a tubular steel framework with wire mesh side panels and wood floor panels. Each crawl space can be 31.5” (800mm) high by 31.5” (800mm) wide or 39.4” (1000mm) high by 39.4” (1000mm) wide. The maze passageway contains numerous obstacles to mentally stress the trainee and create situations of restricted maneuverability. Once constructed, the simplicity of the design enables the training staff to construct a new layout in a relatively short space of time, be it domestic, commercial or industrial layout, thus preventing familiarity of the trainees with the maze. ​

Monitoring Equipment and Control Room

​Communication systems, infrared and optional thermal imaging camera systems are incorporated for monitoring trainees and responding to ensure a safe and controlled training session every time. Directional lights are located in various positions in the maze passageway to assist any trainee experiencing difficulties. These lights only illuminate a small portion of the maze and will not give away the entire route. A ventilation system consisting of fans and appropriate ducting is used to exhaust smoke from the orientation section at the end of the training session or in the event of an emergency. The control desk is the focal point from which training is controlled and monitored. All the necessary equipment is ergonomically arranged on the control panel. The Control Room includes the following (depending on features selected): ■ TV monitors ■ Communications ■ Video recording ■ Lighting controls ■ Temperature controls ■ Smoke controls ■ Ventilation controls ■ Sound effects


​In an emergency situation, a single-button control activates lighting and ventilation and cancels all other functions to aid safety officers in helping the distressed trainee. rainees are continuously monitored, from the control desk, while inside the Training Room. In case a trainee panics or an unsafe condition occurs, an instructor can intervene and direct the safety officers inside the Training Room to the trainees location.


Collateral: Fire Training Galleries
Collateral: Fire Training Galleries

The Dräger Training Galleries are used primarily to train breathing apparatus users in conducting tasks while being mentally and physically stressed.


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