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Dräger X-pect® Cover Spectacles Protective Eyewear

Dräger X-pect® Cover Spectacles

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Dräger X-pect® Cover Spectacles

Dräger X-pect® cover spectacles can be used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their large field of vision, the cover spectacles are compatible with most prescription eyewear. These spectacles can be combined with Dräger products such as half mask respirators.

Extra protection against the penetration of particles

​The eyebrow protection on the upper edge of the cover spectacles protects against particles.

Shatterproof and lightweight material

​The cover spectacles have a robust design and are sturdy owing to the integrated polycarbonate material. The glasses are lightweight for high wearing comfort, even during long periods of use.

UV protection and highest optical class

​The Dräger X-pect® series offers UV protection and protective eyewear (class 1) for continuous use. The X-pect 2400 / 2420 are additionally certified according to ANSI Z87.1, AUS/NZ 1337 and CSA Z94.3.

Premium comfort

​The Dräger X-pect® cover spectacles are characterized by high-quality, lightweight materials and an ergonomic design, offers safety and comfort. These can be combined with other personal protective equipment, such as Dräger X-plore® half mask respirators.

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating

​The X-pect® 2400 / 2420 cover spectacles are equipped with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating – for a clear view.


X-pect Cover Spectacles Product Information, en-us
X-pect Cover Spectacles Product Information, en-us


IFU / Gebrauchsanweisung X-pect 2000 / 4000
IFU / Gebrauchsanweisung X-pect 2000 / 4000

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The Dräger safety eyewear range brings high comfort, extreme flexibility and a whole range of protection levels – from basic splash, particle matter and debris through to fully-sealed goggles that even protect from gases and vapours. For further advice on selection, operational conditions and usage, please contact our experts.

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