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X-site Live

A real-time, scalable monitor. Benefit from up to seven toxic and combustible gas sensors plus radiation and optional aerosol detectors in a convenient, portable case. Remote visibility with unsurpassed communications capability enabled by the FirstNet® broadband network.

Gas, Radiation, and Aerosol data when you need it most with FirstNet integration

Monitor a scene from anywhere. Data from each collection point is relayed real-time to a central monitoring station and to any experts you choose. Area monitoring is achieved through a comprehensive simple to operate rugged wireless system. Chemical and radiological data is relayed through a mobile device with local and redundant broadband connectivity. The Smart LINC mobile device includes FirstNet® providing Public Safety priority and preemption should events require. Additionally, robust internet broadband connectivity helps ensure system coverage. Software displays live and historical meter readings with corresponding map-based location information. All collected data is standardized for interoperability with Federal and commercial systems.

Up to seven gases readable at once and with a large sensor selection, configure your area monitor to handle a wide range of gas hazards. Sensors include PID, CatEx LEL, IR LEL, O2, CO, H2S, and many others.

Live Gas and Radiation Data

Live gas and radiation detection data helps First Responders stay safe by providing immediate remote hazardous environmental data. This information can be sent to subject matter experts and other responding agencies such as the EPA so that they have immediate knowledge of hazards.

Save Time and Money with Live Data

Immediately know environmental conditions. By having faster access to data, more teams know what the exact situation is and can prepare ahead of time. Personnel do not have to leave the hot zone to share data. Reduce First Responder footprint at events through greater knowledge of the hazard and faster response. Faster sharing of information can shorten the hazardous event and return the situation to normal more rapidly. Used as a preventative tool could eliminate the event from happening.

Use the Included X-am 8000 Gas Detector as a survey, confined space, or personal monitor

Area monitors often sit unused for long time periods. Have the area monitoring capabilities when you need them. When you don’t need the area monitor, simply remove the X-am 8000 and SmartLINC from the kit and use it separately. Similarly, the radiation detector may also be removed.

Compliance with Presidential Policy Directive – PPD-8

​This directive is aimed at strengthening the security and resilience of the United States through systematic preparation. In compliance with this, the X-site Live knows where the data is coming from, what it is, the state of the instrument and other information.

Continuity of Operations

​Ensure that essential functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies by knowing live environmental conditions with the confidence of having redundant wireless connectivity. Potentially offset fines, litigation or penalties.

Toxic Twin Algorithm Helps Increase Firefighter Safety During Overhaul

Dräger’s patented toxic twins alarm function enables the area monitoring kit (or just the X-am 8000 when used in standalone mode as a personal monitor) to measure CO and HCN against a combined threshold, which increases firefighter safety during overhaul. A combined threshold is used because measuring the combination of CO and HCN individually does not reflect the synergistic but harmful effect that the two chemicals produce when both are present. The instrument will show an A1 or A2 alarm for the HCN+ channel when the combined levels of CO and HCN exceed safe levels. This capability is present when both CO and HCN sensors are configured in the X-am 8000 monitor.

Radiation Detection

Discretely included in each kit and developed in collaboration with First Responders and state and federal law enforcement. Use the built-in directionality feature to find the location of a radiation source.

Integrate with your WEATHERPAK® Weather Station to Predict Toxic Plumes

​Available pluming software allows you to map the plumes, identifying areas at risk. This can in turn drive actions such as evacuations and emergency personnel actions.

Economical Fleet Management

Gas detector bump tests and calibrations are carried out simply and quickly using the Dräger X-dock® calibration station. Its low test gas consumption keeps operating costs to a minimum. Its reporting function and numerous other useful features make the X-dock Gas Detection Connect cloud-based system a smart addition to any fleet management operation.

Integrate with 3rd party equipment

Other instruments can also be integrated into the X-site Live solution. Examples of these include Dräger series X-am 2800 and X-am 5800 instruments, FLIR radiation detection instruments, particle size instruments and others. Check with your Dräger Sales Representative for more information.


X-site Live Product Information, en-us
X-site Live Product Information, en-us


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