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Offshore/Onshore Protection Solutions Refuge Chambers

Offshore/Onshore Protection Solutions

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Offshore/Onshore Protection Solutions

Using safety concepts for breathable air, the Dräger rescue systems offer protection in hazardous work areas such as in the fields of oil and gas-lift production, where dangers are caused e.g. by hydrogen sulfide.

Rescue and shelter systems—mobile & stationary solutions

Our systems can be integrated as mobile versions (e.g. as container solution) in a modular concept as well as stationary versions with a shelter in a residential-like accommodation space (e.g. on a oil platform).

Rescue and shelter systems—Products

Individually adjusted, the Dräger Rescue and Shelter Systems can be composed of the following individual products:

  • CO2 filter
  • O2 supply systems
  • Lock systems
  • Over pressurizing
  • Breathing air supply systems
  • Filtration systems
  • breathing protection concepts for up to 400 people

Breathing air supply systems—mobile solutions

The mobile, pressure-reduced systems can installed and mounted e.g. on a trailer or in a container.
A two-stage, high-pressure cascade system would be composed of the following components:

  • Compressed air station
  • Pressure reduction 300/20 bar/ 4,351.13/290.07 PSI
  • Medium pressure line
  • Manifold with pressure reduction 20/8 bar/ 290.07/116.03 PSI and distribution to 3 up to 9 people
  • Hose reel solutions
  • etc.

Breathing air supply systems—stationary solutions

Our stationary high-pressure air supply systems are, among others, composed of the following:

  • Air filtration
  • Inlet monitoring (H2S, O2, CO, CO2, Ex)
  • High-pressure compressors
  • Compressed air monitoring (O2, CO, CO2)
  • High-pressure station
  • Pressure reduction and regulation units
  • Compressed air distribution (manifold, hose reel system)

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