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Confined Space Safety Equipment - Confined Space Entry respiratory protection breathing air supply

Confined Space Safety Equipment

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Getting in and out of confined spaces safely

Dräger’s confined space entry solutions, from our equipment – such as gas monitoring devices and personal protective gear – to our committed support, helps to ensure you stay safe when working in confined spaces. We work with our customers to create risk assessments and to determine an optimised product mix – and we offer regular maintenance to keep those products running efficiently. You can also take part in our confined space training courses, relevant for workers in diverse industries. In these trainings, you will gain the know-how you need to stay safe and cool-headed, whether it’s a normal working day or a rescue situation.

Hazards and risks of confined space entry

Low visibility, limited air supply, hazardous product residues: these are just a few of the things that make working in confined spaces one of the highest risk activities around.

Rescue worker helps victim wearing Dräger Saver CF emergency device


  • Explosions: triggered by sparks, high temperatures or instable behaviour of substances
  • Bodily damage: contact with toxic gases, vapours, fluids or caustic substances
  • Long-term bodily damage: carcinogens or gamete-damaging effects of toxic substances
  • Uncontrolled reactions of chemical substances: contact with certain catalysts
Worker checks gas levels at confined space entryway


  • Combustible gases and vapours
  • Toxic fluids and gases: like chlorine (Cl2), ammonia (NH3), hydrochloric acid (HCl)
  • Toxic organic substances: in particular benzene, methane, ethylene, butadiene
  • Particles: especially breathable ones
  • Additional dangers and risks: presented by specific work processes

Remote Monitoring with the X-Viz System

Draeger X-Viz CSE

Dräger X-Viz System Overview

As a complete safety monitoring system, the X-Viz system is designed to meet OSHA requirements during plant turnarounds. By integrating gas detection, video monitoring, alarms, and access control technologies, the X-Viz system allows fewer safety technicians to remotely monitor a greater number of confined spaces.

This reduces labor costs and delegates safety supervision to the most qualified people.

Confined space risk assessment and management

What’s the purpose of a risk assessment?

Risk assessments are an indispensable way to create a comprehensive overview of all the dangers present at a specific work location, so that they can be properly evaluated. Thereafter, measures can be put in place to help prevent, reduce or control the dangers – and rescue scenarios can be defined. It’s important to analyse, step-by-step, who could be threatened by a specific danger and which methods and personal protective equipment will ensure safe entry and exit.

How can specific risks be assessed?

First, an overview of the specific situation is needed. What is the area used for? What hazardous substances does it contain and what are their effects? It the area extremely hot or cold? Is there danger of an explosion? Are mechanical dangers present? And so on. Next, the dangers and risks are assessed so that control mechanisms can be checked for effectiveness and expanded upon if needed.

Explanation of confined space entry process, with example of a column.

Confined space entry procedures

Which Dräger measuring instruments are used for clearance measurements? What’s the major task of a gas analyst? What happens in case of the detection of critical environmental values? How does area monitoring work using the Dräger X-zone? What’s the precise function of a safety officer? This video answers these questions and more.

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Expert tips on confined space entry whitepaper

Expert tips on confined space entry

Confined space entry (CSE) is one of the most dangerous activities in many industries. Take a look at our expert tips on working safely in confined spaces.

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Dräger helps you stay safe – with holistic product systems

Confined space entry is a special task in several industries and must be carried out with the highest attention to worker safety. To that end, Dräger offers complete CSE product system solutions with devices and software (such as CSE Connect) that interface seamlessly with one another.

Industrial worker checks Dräger X-am 3500 portable gas detector screen

Portable Gas Detectors

The Dräger X-plore 8700 is a powered air purifying respirator

Respiratory Protective Equipment

PAS lite in use industrial

Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Safety excellence and smart operations with Focus FS


Focus FS is a cloud-based software platform that drives effective safety and operational performance for industrial worksites. Flexible, intuitive solutions give you the tools you need to streamline safety programs, maintain assets, and respond to incidents across your organization. Analytics and reporting provide insights which can be leveraged to facilitate accountability, corrective actions, and risk mitigation during safety operations.

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