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Game Day at Drägertown

Get ready to ignite your passion for safety and expect to score with Dräger at FDIC 2023!! At the heart of Drägertown, lies SCBA Stadium - home of the Drägertown Dragons. Visit FDIC booth 2222 to see where dreams are formed, and destiny is met. Sprint onto the field to up your game with the brand new HPS® SafeGuard helmets or legacy player PSS® 7000 SCBA — among many other game-changing safety technology for American Firefighters.


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Breathe Free in Drägertown

Kick it at FDIC International Booth 2222 just inside Hall D of the Indiana Convention Center. Close to everything but far away from the standard trade show booth, Drägertown provides that small-town feel from a big company.

Find everything safety specifically for firefighters from the company that has been offering solutions to help save American lives for more than a century-- since 1889 to be exact.


Take a Half-Time Break with Muertos Coffee Co.

Everyone needs a breather. Kick back at Muertos Coffee Co. to get the boost needed to get through FDIC. Piping hot, strong, and tasty, Muertos Coffee will make the flames you fight jealous! But there’s more than meets the eye, Drägertown’s favorite coffee shop also pays it forward to firefighters! This firefighter-run company provides direct trade coffee roasted weekly for freshness and flavor, and also gives back to the firefighting community through donated proceeds to support for line-of-duty deaths and victims of fire.


Yes, It’s that Fast! And Toolless

The Dräger PSS® 7000 NFPA-Certified SCBA disassembly in 40 seconds flat, that’s less time than it takes to run a play! See how the Dräger PSS® 7000 NFPA-Certified SCBA can be disassembled for cleaning or service in less than a minute. Stop by Drägertown at booth 2222 and see it for yourself!


Tackle Tough Situations with HazSim and HazMatNation

HazMatNation takes the field with Dräger during FDIC 2023. A group of current and former first responders and military professionals share their best strategies for managing incidents involving hazardous materials. Speak with them at Dräger’s Booth 2222 to learn more about their training system, the HazSimPro, featuring the Dräger X-am 8000 multi-gas detector.


Dräger: Part of Your Team

We speak firefighter! The Drägertown roster is comprised of active-duty, retired, or former firefighters that are taking the field at FDIC. Who knows the game better than those that’ve played it? Just ask when you visit booth 2222 and, more than likely, you’re already speaking to a firefighter, or we’ll find one nearby.

See the Past to Understand Our Future

The History of Drägertown


History goes back to 1889, when German watchmaker Johann Heinrich Dräger patented the Lubeca valve, improving the uneven flow of beer in tap systems.


Joined by his son Bernhard, Johann applied his principles of pressure reduction to medical and safety products related to breathing.


Their new company helped pioneer medical technology, with the first reliable device for controlling the mixture of oxygen and anesthetics.


The breathing developed for mining became the industry standard, inspiring the term “Drägerman,” which lives to this day.


Generations of innovations kept coming. Incubators. Ventilators. SCBAs. Diving equipment.


Technology for detecting toxic gas in the air or alcohol in breath. Dräger products have helped firefighters, physicians, police, and astronauts.


Dräger has taken Technology for Life® to the bottom of the sea, to the top of Mount Everest, and even into space.


Drägertown is a place to take a breather after a long journey. The air is cleaner here. Join us.

* Currently in testing. Expected certification to NFPA 1951, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents,and NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, in late 2023. 

** Calculations based on current available options. The number could change following the completion of the NFPA certifications process.

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