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Focus FS EHS Platform

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Safety excellence & smart operations with the Focus FS safety management platform

Focus FS is a cloud-based safety management platform that drives effective safety and operational performance for industrial worksites. Flexible intuitive solutions give you the tools you need to streamline safety programs, maintain assets, and respond to incidents across your organization. Analytics and reporting provide insights which can be leveraged to facilitate accountability, corrective actions, and risk mitigation during safety operations.

Benefits of the Focus FS EHS Platform

For more than a century, Dräger has committed itself to ensuring workplace safety—wherever work happens to take you.

With the Focus FS safety management platform, we have evolved that commitment, with software solutions designed to help companies digitally align their procedures in an integrated platform. It’s as flexible as it is expansive—no hardware required simplifying response to ensure better outcomes.


Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Tailored to your business needs, our solutions address a wide variety of use cases and live on one platform so that everything works together seamlessly.


Get Prepared


Access the latest maps, always current and accessible on all mobile devices.


Easily ensure all rescue gear is inspected and ready for the mission.


Achieve Better Safety Outcomes

Incident Management

Assist root cause analysis and streamline investigations with detailed reporting.


Safety Outcomes

Improve site health and safety with lessons learned and corrective action management.



Severe Weather Emergency Response with the Focus FS EHS Platform

Is your worksite prepared for severe weather? Focus FS software keeps you on track with your emergency preparation and response efforts. In this On-Demand Webinar, you will learn how to manage post-incident actions and hear about lessons learned to help improve operations and achieve better safety outcomes.

Video Overview

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Learn how the Focus FS safety management platform can optimize your worksite safety


Team Safety

Go beyond compliance. Keep safety top-of-mind with reporting tools that can save time while also encouraging smart actions, positive recognition, and an overall healthier safety culture.


Asset Safety

Equipment and building maintenance and security are critical for worksite safety. Promote asset integrity, track inventory and possession, and get actionable insights to save time and resources.


Emergency Response

Emergency response software purpose-built to help industrial sites prepare for and respond to severe weather events and other emergency situations. Prepare your team for emergency situations by providing them with comprehensive communication, equipment, training, and reporting tools. Follow up with comprehensive investigations and action management.

Learn more about Focus FS solutions

The Focus FS safety management platform offers flexible solutions to help improve safety, optimize operational efficiency, and prepare for and respond to emergency situations. Click on the brochures to learn more.

Worker Safety
Asset Safety

Optimize your safety and operations in one place


Promote efficiency and worksite safety with Focus FS.

  • Promote a safe work environment
  • Ensure personnel have the right training and certifications
  • Ensure equipment is inspected, maintained, and ready to use
  • Enable stronger decision-making in emergency response situations

Industry Solutions



Helps construction companies improve worksite safety and achieve operational excellence.


Oil & Gas and Manufacturing

Focus FS is designed to help energy companies improve worksite health and safety and achieve operational excellence.


Mining and Tunneling

A comprehensive digital platform designed to help metals and mining companies improve worksite health and safety and achieve operational excellence.

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