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Live Monitoring

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Solving the latest industrial challenges with Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring connects all available safety data points, making them available beyond the usual silos to create a holistic picture which can save lives, time and money. This approach means that safety standards can be maintained during plant operations, even with increasing shortage of skilled workers. In addition, safety gaps can be identified and eliminated during maintenance and repair work, even though many third-party contractors are working on site.

The sum of safety data points from workers and contractors, dangerous and lone work areas, as well as assets can build a life-saving system. Thus, any event that requires attention quickly comes into focus thanks to location- and time independent access. So far, three areas of application have emerged as particularly valuable.


Overall plant transparency

A worker is equipped with a multi-gas detector. Through the Bluetooth interface and his mobile device, he collects data throughout the day and makes it available to the operator’s office via the cloud. In addition to mobile gas measurement data in the control room, video data and stationary gas detection measurement values are also available. Altogether this creates a safe working environment.

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Gain situational awareness

A worker is in danger and his mobile gas detector indicates high gas concentration and alerts. The operator’s room can react immediately, send a rescue team and warn the surrounding workers to escape. In a conventional scenario, it would take much longer to locate the worker at his hard-to-reach workplace or even to register his alarm. Seconds can make the difference!

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Customized user access

Not every worker wants to be constantly monitored. Taking into consideration flexible user rights management, it is possible to not only regulate who can view and work with the recorded data, but also display plants’ roles and responsibilities by customizable access hierarchies. Recorded data which is not needed for documentation purposes is deleted to ensure the individual’s data privacy.

Facing industrial challenges with Live Monitoring

Monitoring for safety and not for surveillance

As Live Monitoring is a new and innovative application, there are perhaps some understandable concerns of contact with the system. Our mantras are:

  • Live Monitoring is not about surveillance, it's about collecting measurement points to increase employee’s safety!
  • Dräger software is just as reliable as Dräger hardware!
  • Data security is guaranteed and certified!

As such, we are convinced that Live Monitoring offers great added value and enhanced safety for industrial applications


Data security concept - a look into the depths

Cybersecurity is one of our highest priorities in the implementation of Live Monitoring. In an iterative process, information security is continuously tested and improved. Dräger products meet the highest standards of cyber security, and this graphic shows how it is done.

Product highlights

Dräger X-am® 2800

Dräger X-am® 2800

Transfer your recorded data directly and conveniently via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the Gas Detection Connect software. You can also transfer the data directly to the cloud with the X-dock test station, providing secure access to your data and its analysis any time and anywhere with access to the internet.

Dräger X-am® 5800

Dräger X-am® 5800

Networking capability provides safety and efficiency: Transfer your recorded data directly and conveniently via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the Gas Detection Connect software. As an alternative, you can also transfer the data directly to the cloud with the X-dock test station, providing secure access to your data and its analysis any time and anywhere with access to the internet.

Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

The PolySoft software solution allows you to access the Polytron 6100 EC WL conveniently via Bluetooth® interface – using an intrinsically safe Windows® tablet or PC.


Dräger X-Viz™ Confined Space Monitoring System

By integrating gas detection, video monitoring, alarms, and access control technologies, the X-Viz system allows fewer safety technicians to remotely monitor a greater number of confined spaces.


Safety excellence & smart operations with the Focus FS safety management platform

With the Focus FS safety management platform, we have evolved that commitment, with software solutions designed to help companies digitally align their procedures in an integrated platform. It’s as flexible as it is expansive—no hardware required simplifying response to ensure better outcomes.

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