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Dräger Atlan A100 – Designed to Perform. Built to Last.  - Atlan 100 16-6

Dräger Atlan A100 – Designed to Perform. Built to Last.

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Safe, Robust and Easy-To-Use Anaesthesia Machine – Dräger Atlan A100

The new Atlan A100/XL is a safe, robust, and easy-to-use anaesthesia machine built with a high precision piston ventilator.

Besides the Operating Theatres, the Atlan A100/XL can also be used in Non-Operating Room Anaesthesia (NORA) settings. NORA cases are projected to exceed 50% of the total anesthesia cases in the new future. (1) NORA settings such as:

- Endoscopy (gastro-, colono-, cysto-, bronchoscopy…)

- Interventional Pulmonology, Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology…

- Pediatrics (pediatric cardiac catheterization, lumbar punctures, and bone marrow aspiration..)

- IVF Retrieval

Support Patient Safety with Piston Ventilation Anaesthesia Workstation

The Dräger anaesthesia machine with piston ventilation offers several advantages which includes:

- High trigger sensitivity for detecting weak spontaneous breathing efforts

- The AutoFlow feature to deliver set tidal volume with minimal pressure

These features contribute to improved ventilation quality, reduced complications, and enhanced safety during anesthesia.


Delivery of tidal volume from four anaesthesia ventilators during volume-controlled ventilation: a bench study.

This study investigated the accuracy of delivered tidal volume in four new ventilators under different conditions with four different gas delivery system, “Ascending bellows-in-box”, “Volume reflector”, “Piston-driven” and Turbine. The findings should that the Piston ventilator anaesthesia machine had the highest accuracy as the volume error was consistently lower than the threshold. (2)

Lung Protection: Continuously Improving Ventilation Performance

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Why Lung Protective Ventilation matters for every patient.

Watch Dr. Ary Serpa Neto explain why he got interested in lung protective ventilation, the first “mind blowing” studies he read on the topic, how this strategy can improve the outcomes of patients in the ICU and in the OR – patients with healthy lungs, obese patients, pediatric patients – and how easy it is to implement in clinical practice.

Achieving optimal patient outcome with Low- and Minimal-Flow Anaesthesia

In everyday clinical practice where inhalational anaesthesia is performed using a rebreathing system, the fresh gas flow should always be as low as possible. This is the only way in which the emission of excess anaesthesia gases can be reduced to a minimum and the advantages of improved respiratory gas conditioning achieved.


Low-flow, minimal flow and metabolic-flow anaesthesia – Clinical techniques for use with rebreathing systems

Designed to Perform. Built to Last.

The Atlan A100/XL has been developed as a safe, robust and easy-to-use anaesthesia machine.


Dräger Atlan A100/A100 XL: Take a closer look

Get more information and details on the comprehensive set of clinical features and ventilation quality that make Atlan A100 the idea anaesthesia workstation for your operating room.


Dräger Atlan® A100/A100 XL

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Defining Quality in Dräger

Take a look at how Atlan A100/XL is being tested to ensure we have the best device for you.

Dräger Atlan A100/XL -Designed to perform. Built to last.Play video

Dräger Atlan A100/XL - Designed to perform. Built to last.

Atlan A100/XL has been developed as a safe, robust and easy-to-use anaesthesia machine. The high precision piston ventilator supports lung protective ventilation measures while the gas mixing unit with mechanically controlled flow tubes enables a convenient and intuitive application of low- and minimal-flow anaesthesia. A variety of hard- and software options enhance its capabilities to suit your immediate needs.

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[1] Herman AD, Jaruzel CB, Lawton S, et al. Morbidity, mortality, and systems safety in non-operating room anesthesia: a narrative review. Br J Anaesth. 2021;127:729–744. PMID:34452733.

[2] Morbidity, mortality, and systems safety in non-operating room anaesthesia: a narrative review. Abigail D. Herman, Candace B. Jaruzel, Sam Lawton, Catherine D. Tobin, Joseph G. Reves, Kenneth R. Catchpole, Myrtede C. Alfred. 2021 Container: British Journal of Anaesthesia Volume: 127 Issue: 5 Page: 729-744 DOI: 10.1016/j.bja.2021.07.007.