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Medical Ventilators and Lung Monitoring - Nurse checks on patient’s medical ventilator in ICU

Medical Ventilators and Lung Monitoring

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State-of-the-art medical ventilators for every situation

Dräger aims to always help you meet medical challenges – and our innovative intensive care ventilators and lung monitors are no exception. Our high-performance Evita ventilators are configurable, upgradeable and include advanced training and service concepts – offering you a complete solution for effective ventilation treatments. We also focus on the latest advancements for the respiratory management of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) and our ventilators offer many recognised ICU ventilation modes as standard – including non-invasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy. We are committed to improving patient outcomes and clinical workflows at every point, including options to enable easy patient transport and early mobilisation.


Respiratory Support for Patients with COVID-19 Related ARDS

Current recommendations for respiratory support and mechanical ventilation in COVID-19 patients based on recent literature and published guidelines.

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Dräger Evita® V800

Dräger Evita® V800

​​Experience the next level of ventilator operation. The Evita® V800 combines high performance ventilation with an aesthetic design enabling quick and efficient operation. From the first onset of a lung protective ventilation until the integration of a patient care-centred intensive care workplace.

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Dräger Savina 300 NIV

Dräger Savina 300 NIV

​​As non-invasive as possible, as invasive as necessary. The Dräger Savina 300 NIV with automatic leak compensation in all ventilation modes supports the seamless transition from high-flow oxygen therapy to non-invasive ventilation and invasive ventilation. The built-in-turbine with rapid response time and external batteries allows operation ...

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Dräger Babylog® VN800

Dräger Babylog® VN800

The Dräger Babylog comes with a new user interface and design which makes it easier and safer for you to operate. The neonatal ventilator supports lung and brain protective ventilation modes throughout the whole respiratory cycle. It supports smooth and seamless transition from O2 therapy to non-invasive ventilation to invasive ...

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Emergency ventilators

Reliable ventilation technology that provides you with safe assistance in an emergency.

Oxylog® VE300

Oxylog® VE300

​The straightforward and user-friendly Dräger Oxylog® VE300 is built to face your challenges in preclinical emergency services. With reliable ventilation technology, robustness and intuitive operation, it provides you with reliable and safe assistance in an emergency.

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Dräger Oxylog® 3000 plus

Dräger Oxylog® 3000 plus

Offering high ventilation performance with features such as AutoFlow® integrated capnography and non-invasive Ventilation, the compact and robust Oxylog® 3000 plus helps you transport your patients safely and provides feedback on correctness of intubation and ventilation effectiveness. The Oxylog® 3000 plus gives you confidence ...

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Image-guided lung protection

One of the major challenges in caring for ventilated patients in the intensive care unit is determining the individual ventilation settings needed to ensure lung protection. Our image-guided lung protection approach enables you to see the previously unseen – so you can truly personalise ventilation. This can help alleviate some of the negative issues seen with mechanical ventilation, such as ventilator-associated lung injury (VALI), which often contributes to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

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Dräger PulmoVista® 500

Dräger PulmoVista® 500

Making ventilation visible. Put the power of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) to work for you and your patients. With the PulmoVista® 500, you can visualise regional air distribution within the lungs – non-invasive, in real time and directly at

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Ventilation modes in intensive care brochure

Ventilation modes in intensive care

Patients can be ventilated in many different ways – and when operating a ventilator, it’s not always obvious what individual settings to use. This booklet gives you a deeper understanding of how and when to use the available modes for our ventilators.

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Individualize Mechanical Ventilation Therapy

Mechanical ventilation: As non-invasive as possible, as invasive as necessary. Patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), who are dependent on mechanical ventilation, need the best care from admission to discharge – and beyond. However a variety of different tools may be required for different therapy phases.

More intensive care solutions

We offer a variety of solutions to support your intensive care environment.

Consumables and accessories

Hospital Consumables & Accessories

Doctors in OR use medical supply system including Movita System, Perseus A500 and Polaris 600

Medical Pendants & Infrastructure Design

Patient in hospital bed, connected to patient monitor

Patient Monitoring Systems

Nurse oversees a premature baby in an incubator

Neonatal Incubators & Thermoregulation


Your Specialist in Intensive Care

We design intelligent workplaces with integrated alarm systems using ergonomic, patient-centred workflows to promote the healing process. Our protective mechanical ventilation tools, in combination with our patient and respiratory monitoring solutions, help you better achieve your therapy goals. That´s why we are "Your Specialist in Acute Care”.

Dräger Evita V800/V600

Dräger Evita V800/V600

This is Ventilation: Dräger Evita

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