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Introducing the Babyroo - babyroo-tn300-neonatal-open-care-16-6-D-14769-2018.jpg

Introducing the Babyroo

Virtual Demo

Welcome our new open care warmer: the Babyroo

It's finally here, our new open care warmer - Babyroo! A configurable open care warmer, with state-of-the-art thermoregulation capabilities, with advanced integrated technologies to support emergency resuscitation and family-centred care. Would you like to learn more about our latest innovation? Book a virtual product demonstration with us. During the demo, you will be able to view all the features of the Babyroo including how to configure the Babyroo to suit your workplace.

Configure your Babyroo according to your needs

With basic configurations and a variety of accessories, you can customise the Babyroo according to your needs in the Labour & Delivery room, for hospital transfers or in the NICU.

Babyroo Labour and Delivery

Ready when you are

Everything has to be ready and available to run smoothly when mom is ready to deliver. With Babyroo, you are ready for the delivery and for stabilising the baby’s immediate needs with warming, APGAR timer and Stopwatch, resuscitation and monitoring tools. The Babyroo provides you with an ergonomic workplace with all necessary functions, and it’s easy to operate in fast-paced, critical situations. Once baby's been carefully cared for, thanks to Babyroo's easy to clean surfaces and parts, you can quickly and efficiently prepare it for your next patient.

Babyroo Product Details

Our radiant warmer delivers heat evenly and continuously to the entire mattress surface while minimising heat exposure to the caregiver.

Babyroo Product Details

Our optional heated gel mattress is available, so you can additionally warm your smallest of patients from below.

Babyroo Product Details

To help you with emergency respiratory support and suction, you can integrate an optional integrated resuscitation module with AutoBreath® and gas mixer.

Babyroo Intra Hospital Transfer Konfiguration

Smooth transfer. Smooth for the clinical staff and smooth for the baby.

It’s always a risk to move a critical infant. So, ensuring a smooth, efficient transfer is essential for your newborn patient. The Babyroo and all necessary Dräger equipment allow you to move smoothly to where you need to go: from labour & delivery room to down the hall or into the elevator to reach the NICU or OR. The canopy and heated gel mattress minimise heat loss for the infant, and since it’s possible to attach ventilation support directly to the device, baby gets support all through the patient pathway.


To fully support continuous monitoring and ventilation, Babyroo comes with provisions to attach our dedicated neonatal ventilator, the Dräger Babylog, and our „pick-and-go“ monitoring solution.


Family integration and reliable thermoregulation for your NICU needs.

The Babyroo is designed to give you the access you need for regular care, emergencies, and surgeries while still being fully equipped to provide a thermal neutral environment your babies needs in the NICU. Additionally, the Babyroo comes with features that support family integration with tools like Kangaroo Mode to strengthen the bond between newborn and parents.

Babyroo Product Details

Our SoftBed mattress supports patient comfort and takes the special needs of sensitive and immature skin into account.

Babyroo Product Details

Minimal handling of the baby thanks to integrated scale and pass-through X-ray tray.


Creating a nurturing environment for newborns

Ensuring stable temperature from birth to discharge, detecting thermal stress early, improving airway management, effective resuscitation, safe & easy transfers – these are what the Babyroo open care warmer can do to support you in caring for newborns. Download the brochure to learn more.

Download brochure


Book your virtual product demo with us here

Our virtual product demonstration of the Babyroo will run live from the Vision Centre studio in Melbourne. You will be able to view the Babyroo virtually in detail and we will walk you through every feature of the device. You will also get a chance to ask questions about the new open care warmer. Book a time with us now for an exclusive insight into the Babyroo!


Introducing the Babyroo - Dräger Babyroo TN300 - Optimal thermoregulation with two combined heat sourcesPlay video
Maintain temperature at all times

The goal is to reduce hypothermia and to prevent cold stress right after birth and along the whole patient pathway. Reducing this stress actively helps your young patient to grow faster. Therefore, our Babyroo assists you to monitor and to keep the infant’s temperature within normal limits. With its uniform heat distribution – even when the bed is tilted – the infant is protected from cold or heat stress.

Introducing the Babyroo - Dräger Babyroo TN300 - Minimal set-up of the resuscitation modulePlay video
Support lung protective transition

The resuscitation of a newborn infant in a hectic situation bears the risk of insufficient or excessive ventilation of their fragile lungs. Moreover,it is critical when it comes to reducing mortality and morbidity. The respiratory support interface of our Babyroo requires minimal set-up helping you to standardise your protocols and meet resuscitation guidelines to protect the infant and to ease your workflows.

Introducing the Babyroo - Dräger Babyroo TN300 - Variable height adjustment & bed tilt anglePlay video
Minimal handling of your infant patients

Meet staff’s individual needs and ease their workflows: With Babyroo, staff work routines can be individualised through features like variable height adjustment, bed-tilt angle, and an indicator on the screen. These functions allow clinical staff to consistently follow protocols for feeding and treatments.

Introducing the Babyroo - Dräger Babyroo TN300 - Pre-configured screens for different use environmentsPlay video
Support efficient workflows

Our Babyroo is designed to give you the access you need for regular care, emergencies, and surgeries in the delivery room and OR, while still being fully equipped to provide the developmental friendly environment your babies need in the NICU. To ease your workflows, Babyroo comes with pre-configured screens based on labour & deliver room and NICU use environments.

Introducing the Babyroo - Dräger Babyroo TN300 - Protect the baby from negative stimuliPlay video
Protect your patients from negative stimuli

Technologies in the labour & delivery room should support easy and convenient work processes as well as protect the infant’s safety and development. Keeping such priorities at the forefront, our Babyroo comes with an integrated scale and pass-through X-ray tray to minimise the need to change beds or unnecessarily move the baby—providing a quiet and gentle environment that comforts.

Dräger Babyroo® TN300

Dräger Babyroo® TN300

​The Babyroo® TN300 is a configurable open care warmer with state-of-the-art thermoregulation capabilities as well as advanced integrated technologies to support emergency resuscitation and family-centred care. From delivery room to the neonatal intensive care unit to the final discharge, the Babyroo® TN300 is ...

Product details

"The preconfigured screens for different areas of use and scenarios are also very useful - from the screen for the delivery room with APGAR timer and stopwatch to the family screen, which is more inviting for parents. These screens allow us to quickly switch between views, parameters and trends, helping us simplify our routines."

Dr. Tobias Trips

Head of the Pediatric Department at the Hospital Kufstein, Austria

Draeger: In the simulation centre: What and who is trained? Where do they see recurring mistakes or challenges that often arise in a labour & delivery room setting?

Dr. Trips: Ideally, the entire team involved in newborn care is trained in the simulation centre: paediatricians, nurses, but also midwives and maternity nurses, as well as gynaecologists. A big challenge is that on the one hand the processes are very standardised and structured, but on the other hand many things have to happen quickly and simultaneously. It is therefore important that the existing technology supports the processes by providing the clearest possible overview. In this way, clear and effective team communication can be mastered in simulation-based training exercises

Draeger: A critical birth is coming up: What is important now? How does technology help you simplify workflows?

Dr. Trips: In order to professionally master a critical situation such as the care of a very small premature baby, good preparation is important. The team should discuss the distribution of roles and possible scenarios in advance. The workplace must be checked and the required materials provided. A clearly arranged workplace facilitates the work processes enormously. This includes, for example, an APGAR timer with a sufficiently large display and a clearly designed operation of the respiratory support module so that the set parameters can be easily and intuitively captured. Uniform operating concepts with a similar design - as with Babylog, Babyleo and Babyroo - are also a great advantage. It is also important that the equipment can be checked quickly. The device must be ready for use quickly before a birth and must also be able to be quickly reprocessed.

Draeger: How was the changeover to the new Babyroo TN300 warming therapy device? How much training was needed?

Dr. Trips: We were already familiar with the operation of a T-Piece system from the Resuscitaire and other devices such as the Perivent (Neo-Puff). The new design of the operation with the logically placed controls and the "12 o'clock position" makes the switch to Babyroo very intuitive and safe.

Draeger: To what extent does Babyroo support you in your work processes and routines? Have any of your practices changed?

Dr. Trips: The large and clear display corresponds to the operating philosophy of the Dräger devices and allows for a good overview and intuitive operation. This facilitates our processes and helps to prevent possible operating errors. In other words, It leads to a higher level of patient safety.

The pre-configured screens for different applications and scenarios - from the screen for the labour & delivery room with APGAR timer and stopwatch to the family screen, which looks more inviting for parents, are also very useful. These screens allow us to quickly switch between views, parameters and trends, helping us to simplify our routines. We can perform many procedures directly on the device . I particularly like the integrated scale and the integrated X-ray tray. This allows us to avoid subjecting newborns to unnecessary stress by transferring them or changing sensors. Another useful feature is the "warm-up" mode. It enables a quick and controlled warm-up of the device and thus supports us in the preparation time. And let's not forget: Reprocessing the Babyroo is also very easy, as only a few parts need to be disassembled and cleaned.

Draeger: Babyroo from your point of view in one sentence: How satisfied are you with the new Babyroo TN300 and its features?

Dr. Trips: Babyroo is a modern open care unit that enables intuitive patient care, while the uniform operating concept of the Dräger device family increases patient safety.

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