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Integrated Operating Room

Integrated Operating Room Solutions - Polaris 600 Compatibility

Our surgical light, the Polaris 600, is ideal for operating room integration and offers a comprehensive range of features. The Polaris 600 can be controlled by internationallly established OR Integration Systems and the secure and seamless communication between Polaris 600 and 3rd party integration systems is enabled by a dedicated interface. The compability between systems improves not only operating room workflow, but also cross-departmental clinical workflow. 


Introducing our new ceiling supply units – Ambia

With new possibilities in care-centered workplace design for the OR, ICU, NICU and with focus on flexibility, healing supportive environment, ergonomics and hygiene. Click here to learn more about our new ceiling supply units and our approach to workplace design.

OR Integration Providers



The ALVO Medical offer includes: modular wall panels and modular ceilings, surgical doors and windows, design wall panels, operating tables, patient transfer systems, OR integration solution ALVO Integra, surgical scrubs, medical furniture. Unique selling proposition which defines the ALVO Company is quality, flexibility, performance. Alvo modular, hygienic, integrated and design solutions have been delivered to over 50 countries of the world, since year 1993. The Alvo’s mission, based on two pillars: the employees’ expertise and perfect customer service, is: “to provide better healthcare conditions for everybody. Everywhere in the world.”



The Bender Group, headquartered in Grünberg, Hesse, and represented in over seventy countries around the world with around 750 employees, is a leading provider of electrical safety monitoring systems. Since 1946, the company has produced cutting-edge products with an excellent international reputation that are used worldwide for the monitoring of unearthed and earthed electrical systems. With MEDICS®, Bender provides a comprehensive, proven system that covers all the tasks needed to ensure a safe, reliable power supply in medical locations.



caresyntax® solutions and services enable surgical care providers to reduce risk using actionable clinical data, made available through a combination of IoT and data analytics technologies. Trusted in over 6,000 ORs worldwide, caresyntax helps surgeons and healthcare executives to manage surgical risk and quality, and improve outcomes in over 10 million procedures per year.



ISIS is a French company created 2001 and engaged in high-tech research and development, offering expert design and manufacturing of smart Video/Data Management solutions for the operating room. ISIS stands for Intelligent Surgical Instruments & Systems. SurgiMedia being the new brand name for all Video/Data management solutions.

Karl Storz


the leading endoscope manufacturer – offers systems for human and veterinary medicine as well as for industrial applications. Endoscopes, instruments, devices, and camera systems from KARL STORZ have stood for tradition, advanced technology, and quality for more than 70 years.

As a system supplier, the company combines its expertise in endoscopy with software solutions to achieve integration in the operating room and to support clinical process and resource management.



The Olympus OR Integration solution ENDOALPHA provides a range of products and services to deliver state-of-the-art Operating Theatres - from the design concept through to managing the construction, installation and commissioning, we can help you achieve the optimal solution to maximised departmental efficiency and improve health & safety for both users and patients within your hospital.



Sony’s NUCLeUS™ is the next generation medical imaging platform which intends to offer hospitals a streamlined digital imaging workflow and create valuable efficiency improvements, in addition to supporting 4K resolution with a virtually real-time transmission function to help clinicians and management teams make more informed decisions. 

NUCLeUS™ is also designed to easily route and deliver key information, such as video, audio and other pertinent clinical data, wherever and whenever it is needed across the hospital campus. This new platform will offer hospitals a host of revolutionary benefits, from enhanced training and education tools to cost-effective networked medical image content management.

Jones AV


Jones AV is a multi-award winning medical systems Integrator specialising in 4K video over IP integrated Operating theatres systems.

The company has developed a highly customisable OR control Software which includes medical device control for the Draeger Polaris lights and Medview Camera Systems in order to bring new collaboration capacity and remote surgical assistance capabilities to hospitals.

Jones AV is continually developing new functionalities to support surgical efficiencies and pushing to make the operating theatre more environmentally friendly.

Showrooms for hands-on workshops

Discover a selection of operating room integration solutions:

ALVO Integra Center – Smigiel/Poland


Cadolto Showroom– Cadolzburg/Germany


Olympus Trainingszentrum – Bangkok/Thailand


Not all products, functions and services are currently available in each country. Please contact your sales representative for local availability.

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