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Dräger Discover: Real-Time Location System (RTLS) - Discover-Interoperability-Scene-16-6-D-39993-2021.JPG

Dräger Discover: Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

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Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for Hospitals

In hospitals, equipment is continuously being moved around from one location to another or even lost. Keeping an overview of this equipment can be difficult, resulting in high search times for staff and the potential need to purchase replacement equipment, needlessly wasting hospital resources and incurring unnecessary costs.

As Your Specialist in Acute Care, it's our goal to provide you with digital innovations that can improve your operational, administrative and clinical processes. That's why we offer hospitals a real-time location system (RTLS) that can help you optimise your hospital resources and reduce equipment search times, so you have more time to focus on what's most important - your patients.

Why RTLS for hospitals?


Lost medical equipment

In a 300-bed hospital, 2-7% of equipment is lost every year[1], and hospitals will often rent or purchase replacement equipment, needlessly wasting hospital resources and incurring unnecessary costs.


High equipment search times

Nurses can spend up to 25% of their workday looking for equipment[2] causing them to lose valuable and much needed time that can be better spent on patient care.


Missing device maintenance

Routine maintenance and servicing could be delayed or missed when equipment cannot be located, meaning devices can remain unavailable for use even once found.


Delays in patient care

Bottlenecks can occur, especially in busy environments such as the emergency department, where patients are waiting to be placed in beds that are unavailable, causing delays in patient care.

Discover our real-time tracking solution

Reduce your equipment search times with Dräger Discover, our real-time location system for your entire hospital. Our hospital tracking system provides you with immediate and accurate location data of equipment that is continuously being moved around or simply lost. This at-a-glance information can enhance your clinical workflows, improve equipment uptime, and optimise your hospital resources. Watch our video to learn more.

Dräger Discover: Real-Time Location System (RTLS) - Draeger Discover – Real-Time Location Tracking for Hospitals (Teaser)
Draeger Discover – Real-Time Location Tracking for Hospitals

Your added value from Dräger Discover

Dräger Discover frees up valuable time, supports device uptime optimisation and improves transparency over hospital assets by creating a virtual fence around a department or an entire hospital. Find out more together with our Product Manager, Jannes von Zech, about possible application examples and how you can benefit from our system.


Location is everything! A visit to the Charité hospital in Berlin

In the central emergency department of the Charité Hospital on the Benjamin Franklin Campus (CBF), medical devices and accessories can be located thanks to Dräger Discover. Learn how Dräger Discover tracks anything that has been tagged and indicates the device utilisation rates. Get some insights from Dr. Bernd A. Leidel, Chief Emergency Department Consultant, on his first positive experiences and how much he appreciates the fact that the technology cuts the time spent searching for equipment.

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Draeger Discover – Bed Management

Improve your bed management process

With our hospital tracking system, you can access real-time bed location data and availability status. This critical information can help you reduce empty bed time and optimise bed usage by ensuring the efficient and timely placement of patients in the right bed when needed. Having access to this real-time location data can help minimise the risk of bottlenecks and delays in patient care. Watch our video to learn more.


Take a closer look at Dräger Discover

Dräger Discover can be used from any connected display and does not need any onsite maintenance. It includes hardware, software, and a user-friendly cloud-based application for computers, tablets, and smartphones. It's easy to install and can be integrated into your existing hospital infrastructures. Hospital assets are equipped with small, Bluetooth Low Energy tags, which will send information about the current position of tagged devices that is viewable in real-time through the cloud-based application. To learn more, download our Product Information.

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