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Patient Vital Signs Monitoring

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Essential Patient Vital Signs Monitoring

Patient vital signs monitoring is a common and critical component of patient care and can be instrumental in detecting early patient deterioration before a life-threatening event occurs. With essential vital signs monitoring, clinicians are equipped with the necessary information to make informed decisions that can improve patient care and outcomes.

Dräger Vista 120SC Vital Sign Monitor

Discover the new Vista 120 SC Vital Signs Monitor

With increasing demands on clinicians, it’s essential to have a readily available and easy-to-use vital signs monitor. Discover how the Vista 120 SC can enhance your workflow, giving you more time to focus on what’s most important – your patients.

Featured Benefits

Ward Round Mode on the Vista 120 SC

Transform your clinical workflow

As demands on healthcare providers continue to increase, so does the need for workflow-enhancing technologies. The unique Ward Round Mode on the Vista 120 SC allows you to wirelessly import patient lists from your hospital information system with simplicity. You can quickly and efficiently collect and transmit vital signs data during your patient assessments without repeated barcode admissions or manual entry of data – helping you reduce the clinical complexities in your workflow.


Enabling early intervention through early prediction

Often times, changes in a patient's vital signs can be an early indication of an impending critical event. The Vista 120 SC is equipped with an early warning scoring system that combines multiple vital sign parameters into a calculated score to indicate a patient's degree of deterioration. This scoring mechanism enables clinicians to identify these warning signs sooner, allowing them to intervene quickly before a life-threatening event occurs.


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Enhance patient safety with seamless data integration

Documentation errors can easily happen, especially in a busy hospital environment, where already overburdened healthcare providers continue to experience increasing demands. When these errors occur, the quality of patient care and safety can be negatively impacted. To decrease this risk, monitoring solutions that eliminate the need for manual data entry are crucial. The Vista 120 SC works seamlessly with your hospital information system. It allows you to easily capture, save, and transmit data wirelessly without manual entry of vital signs information. This seamless data integration can help reduce documentation errors and enhance patient safety.

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