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Dräger Aerotest® 5000

​You can use the mobile Dräger Aerotest® 5000 to test the purity of the breathing air in a low pressure system (or in a high pressure system, if you have the right accessories) in accordance with your country's standards. The automatic system significantly improves ease of use. Menu-guided measuring, data downloads, and printing of test certificates: testing and documentation are easier with the Dräger Aerotest® 5000.

Simple test procedure

​The Dräger Aerotest® 5000 is an automatic system for analysing compressed breathing air. Using the chosen standard (such as EN 12021), the device automatically monitors whether the air complies with the limit values or exceeds them. The menu-guided system supports you with pre-set functions and a standard database. This means fewer work steps and more convenient operation, all the way to producing the test certificates. The air flow rate from the supply is also automatically displayed during the test.

Proven Dräger-Tubes

​Dräger-Tubes are used for measuring the concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapour and oil in the compressed air flowing off. The optimised measuring method provides reliable results about the purity of the monitored breathing air.

Monitoring high pressure systems

​The Dräger Aerotest 5000 tests compressed air systems from 2.5 to 10 bar. The range can be extended in combination with the optional F 3002 pressure reducer, which enables you to test the purity of air supplies of up to 300 bar.

Two options for measuring oil

​For oil detection, use the Dräger-Tube for Oil, and on the display select the oil used. 400 types of oil are already stored in the database. It is especially convenient that the Dräger Aerotest 5000 automatically assigns the corresponding test parameters. The patented Dräger Oil-Impactor additionally simplifies testing for oil aerosols. Alongside conventional oils, it also detects synthetic oils in the compressed air, and does so irrespective of the type and viscosity.

Menu-guided test procedure

​The Dräger Aerotest 5000 is very simple to operate thanks to its touchscreen. The test procedures are menu-guided and self-explanatory. Unlike with other devices, you do not need to fill in any forms to record the result after the end of the test. You simply enter the test result using the numeric display

Easy data dowloads and printing of test certificates

​The test result is stored automatically and the data entered are protected against manipulation. Another advantage of the system is that the USB stick supplied makes it easy to transfer the data to a PC in a matter of seconds. This enables you to print a test certificate of the measurement you have performed. The USB stick already holds the software for transferring and managing the data.

Easy set-up

​The Dräger Aerotest 5000 is easy to transport. Its rugged, waterproof case provides optimum protection – which is essential in harsh working environments. The case contains all the components needed for taking measurements. So you have everything to hand. If space is limited at the measuring location, you can easily use the device as a freestanding unit. It operates on six alkaline batteries, but can alternatively be connected to the mains.


Handbook for Dräger-Tubes® and MicroTubes
Handbook for Dräger-Tubes® and MicroTubes

General information regarding gas measurement, information about our Dräger-Tubes and their applications as well as about our analysis system X-act 7000 with MicroTubes, and CMS.


Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en
Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en




Dräger Tubes, various - Dangerous Goods Product Safety Information Sheet, Aus
Dräger Tubes, various - Dangerous Goods_PGII_ Product Safety Information, en
Dräger-Tubes (various, non dangerous goods), Product Safety Information Sheet, en-AU
Product Safety Information Sheet, Dräger Tubes various with LBA Exemption - Australia

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