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Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensors Sensors for Portable Gas Detectors

Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensors

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Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensors

The catalytic DrägerSensors® are particularly insensitive to shock and offer excellent poisoning resistance. The high product quality and long-term stability ensure low operating costs. Fast response times provide reliable warnings of gas hazards.

Our own design

We develop the sensors with our own engineering knowledge. In this way, we can assure their quality and we know the measurements are accurate. This allows them to be fully utilised in combination with our full line of in-house developed Dräger gas detectors.

Shock resistance

The DrägerSensor CatEx SR (SR=shock resistant) is characterised by a special insensitivity to shock. A fall from a great height, which exceeds the standard requirements, has no effect on the sensor signal. The usual adjustment of the zero point and sensitivity required after impact loading can be omitted, which saves time and effort.1

1 An adjustment is only necessary if, in case of high drop heights, the fresh air reading deviates from 0 after the impact.

Durable and resistant against sensor poisons

Hydrogen sulphide and silicone are known catalytic poisons that may be present in environments where flammable gases can occur. Thanks to the imrpoved pellistor composition, the sensors are highly resistant to poisoning from these substances. This leads to extraordinarily stability over the long-term and ensures low operational costs.

Vapour sensitivity

Unknown gas hazards and higher hydrocarbons pose a particular challenge to the display sensitivity of catalytic sensors. The DrägerSensors CatEx are characterized by such a sensitivity. The detection of all hydrocarbons (from methane to nonane) has been certified in a measurement performance certificate for the device series X-am® 2500/5000 and X-am 3500/8000.2

2 Nonane-suitable pump adapter required. Please contact Dräger.

Versatile measurements, easy adjustment

Dräger's catalytic sensors are suitable for warning of known and unknown flammable gas hazards. The sensors offer the possibility to adjust the instrument to a variety of different combustible gases or vapours including hydrogen. Via a simple instrument function different test gases can be used for the adjustment. The necessary calculations are performed by the gas measuring devices. Manual conversions are not necessary.

Rapid response times

​A rapid warning for flammable gases and vapours is vital. The CatEx sensors' fast response times minimise the timespan between danger and warning.

Fast calibration capability

​With the DrägerSensor CatEx SR, fresh air calibration is possible after a maximum of only 60 seconds after switching-on the device. This saves valuable time and allows you to perform a fresh air calibration shortly before the shift, for example.

From the LEL to 100 vol. %

​Our catalytic sensors are suitable for measurements from the lower explosion limit to 100 vol. %.

The X-am 8000 features the option to automatically switch the measurement ranges, making it easier to read off results when monitoring for high methane concentrations: if the CatEx sensor measures values above 100 % LEL, the display switches to the range of 0 to 100 vol. %.


Product Information: Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensors (PDF)
Product Information: Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensors (PDF)


Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, en
Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, en


Brochure: Dräger's Guide to Portable Gas Detection (PDF)
Brochure: Dräger's Guide to Portable Gas Detection (PDF)

Matter with a temperature above its boiling point is said to be a gas. With respect to a human environment (normal conditions), any substance with a boiling point below 20°C at normal pressure is a gas.


DrägerSensor & Portable Instruments Handbook (6th Edition), en
IFU DrägerSensor CatEx H2 100 - 3729050 - 9301014 de-me

Sensors and substances

Dräger-Sensors for portable gas detectors can be used to measure a large number of hazardous substances. Check the different sensors by searching for a substance. Get in contact with our experts to get more information.

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