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Dräger ConHub

Automated area monitoring gives you maximum safety with a minimal workload. The explosion-proof Dräger ConHub* serves as a gateway that automatically connects your Dräger gas detectors from any location to Dräger Gas Detection Connect, our live monitoring solution. This helps you monitor vulnerable areas more closely, so you get the most out of your gas detection system, while also improving safety at your location. 

*Expected to be available in Mid-2024

Innovative, advanced area monitoring

The Dräger ConHub is an easy solution for optimising your daily monitoring activities. Simply connect it with the cloud-based Dräger Gas Detection Connect system using a Modbus cable to share readings and alarms from your Dräger X-zone 5X00 area monitor. The ConHub's Bluetooth® connection lets you send data from up to 25 Dräger X-am 2800/5800 and Pac devices to the Gas Detection Connect system. 

All these Bluetooth® equipped devices automatically connect with the ConHub when they are within its range. This ensures a live flow of data from all the devices inside the area you are monitoring. The ConHub has a built-in GPS receiver to automatically detect its own position and indicate where the detectors are located. It transfers data to the cloud via your choice of WiFi®, LTE or a wired internet connection.** 

In addition, if an alarm occurs, all connected devices are automatically informed.** As a result, your portable detectors become more than just personal gas measuring devices for monitoring ambient air. Now, they also enhance your conventional area monitoring with additional readings and alarm data. This increases safety at maintenance sites or in case of accidents or shutdowns.

**please contact Dräger on availability of this feature in your country

Low-cost, flexible live monitoring

The ConHub is a cost-effective solution for implementing live monitoring at your location. Use the gateway's cloud connection anywhere you require deeper insights into your gas detection system. In less critical areas, your detection devices continue to serve as classic personal gas detectors. You only pay connection fees when the portable detectors are actually connected with the ConHub.

All of the devices mentioned above offer full connectivity and can be permanently connected for each specific user via the smartphone app. There's no need for any additional devices for special applications.

You can benefit from our favourable "pay per use" conditions for live monitoring in Dräger Gas Detection Connect and high flexibility.

Continuous use, even in Zone 1 sites

The ConHub comes with a rechargeable battery that powers it for up to 60 hours. You also have the option of adding a second battery to double the battery life to 120 hours, the length of a full working week. If you prefer to install a permanent power supply to the ConHub, the Dräger Power Supply Ex is available separately. It includes a 50-metre power cable that runs from a safe area into the explosive/hazardous area. If you require a power solution that is approved for use in Zone 0 environments, connect the Power Supply Ex with a Dräger X-zone 5800 area monitor. The mains adapter is integrated into a cable drum which houses the Power Supply Ex cable for safe transport.

Multiple input/output ports for maximum flexibility

The interfaces on the back of the device offer you multiple connection options. You can connect a digital input or output device via the configurable I/O port. You can connect a digital input or output device via the configurable I/O port.**

**please contact Dräger on availability of this feature in your country

Configure and update your devices anywhere

The ConHub offers a wide range of configuration options. Adjust its settings directly in Gas Detection Connect and update the ConHub at the touch of a button, just like a regular device update.

Built for sustainability

Sustainability was one of our top priorities when developing this product. We designed the system's electrical componentry to be detachable easily from the housing. This means the rechargeable battery and any damaged or permanently soiled components can be simply exchanged by trained personnel. In addition, all the electrical components are easily accessible by design, so they can be repaired or replaced quickly and cost-effectively by DrägerService if necessary.

If you already have a Power Supply Ex system in place to power X-zone 5800 detectors in explosive/hazardous areas, you can continue using it with the ConHub. The technical documentation and packaging are also designed with the environment in mind. Plus, Dräger offers a return and recycle programme for end-of-life devices.

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