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Dräger DiveSorb® Pro Rebreather

Dräger DiveSorb® Pro

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Dräger DiveSorb® Pro

The Dräger DiveSorb® Pro was developed specifically for closed or semi-closed rebreathers in order to allow a high degree of CO2 absorption, and thus long dive times.

Absorption of carbon dioxide in prof. diving apparatus

DiveSorb Pro is a high-performance breathing lime, which absorbs the carbon dioxide contained in exhaled air. The absorber is filled regularly to allow reproducible absorption behavior.

Unique pill shape through hemisphere

The hemispherical shape of the absorbent ensures low respiratory resistance and long life cycles.

Optimally aligned absorbent for diving apparatus

The absorbent is perfectly aligned for modern diving apparatus and is suitable for demanding usage. DiveSorb Pro is highly resistant to abrasion, therefore levels of dust formation are very low.


DiveSorb Pro Safety Data Sheet, en-AU
DiveSorb Pro Safety Data Sheet, en-AU


DiveSorb Pro Safety Data Sheet, en-NZ
DiveSorb Pro Safety Data Sheet, en-NZ


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