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Drägerware Workshop Software 3000 Software for Workshop Management

Drägerware Workshop Software 3000

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Drägerware Workshop Software 3000

​Good workshop management saves time and money. The innovative software Drägerware.CentralWorkshop can adjust to each workshop structure and may provide more transparency, optimize processes and increase efficiency.

Complete solution

Drägerware.CentralWorkshop enables the inventory and support of all maintenance and service activities of devices, systems, equipment, aggregates and vehicles in one central data pool and for all workshop areas of an organization - even in different locations. With the help of the software, services can be optimally planned, performed and be permanently captured. Test and control procedures can thus be efficiently designed. There are interfaces to Dräger test devices. Test devices for other workshop areas such as pump or tube test facilities can be integrated into the service process.

The service packet/compact

The custom-fit standard solution for individual workshops includes all standard workshop modules and is therefore also suitable for pure respiratory protection or detection workshops. The individual functions are:

  • staff, address and inventory management
  • integrated technical links to Dräger test devices
  • device management and inventory
  • preparation, implementation and documentation of maintenance, service and test activities
  • accounting system
  • integrated free report designer for the individual adjustment of existing standard lists and evaluation forms
  • integrated system solution with other Drägerware applications
  • data exchange in the CSV industry format

Mobility in the service process

Nowadays, company departments without mobile solutions are almost unimaginable. These allow for cost savings and faster turnaround times in the service process. For Drägerware.CentralWorkshop, different solutions are available in this context. Ultramobile solutions on the basis of industry compatible PocketPCs with integrated barcode technology enable very fast access even for the most inexperienced user and secure mastery of service processes. On the other hand, solutions on laptop or TabletPC basis can be scaled, even to fit a full-fledged service vehicle.

Integrated standard modules, flexible extensions

Predefined and organised-specifically adjustable standard modules can be delivered in the standard scope of supply:

respiratory protection workshop, fire extinguisher workshop, communication technology, tube workshop, pump workshop, car workshop/vehicle fleet, measurement workshop, resource workshop and inventory management.

In addition, numerous extension modules for particular areas can be independently installed with the support from Dräger (such as dress chamber).

The service packet/advanced

The ideal solution for adjustment to processes in different workshops with many extensions compared to the compact version:

  • integrated dialogue editor that allows for the process adaptation for the field level
  • fault management
  • detailed booking options through the use of cost centers and cost types
  • device input and output monitoring
  • integrated document maintenance

Adjustment to the customer process

A multitude of individual adjustment options such as user menus, dialogue editor, list generator, allows the application to be adapted to your processes. Dräger supports this adaptation with the help of specialists that accompany the process before, during and also after commissioning. Should there be very particular requirements, Dräger also offers customer-specific, tailored adjustments. Adapting the software to the organization process is always the target.


Zebra TC-52x with Drägerware.App Product Information, en
Zebra TC-52x with Drägerware.App Product Information, en

The system solution Zebra TC-52x with Drägerware.App enables simple and convenient management of equipment inventories, particularly for users in the fire service, chemical industry, and oil & gas segments.


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