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Dräger FGT 5400 Bypass Oxygen and Mixed Gas Rebreather

Dräger FGT 5400 Bypass

Dräger FGT 5400 Bypass

​The Dräger FGT 5400 Bypass is a non-magnetic semi-closed rebreather for use in mine clearance. The oxygen supply is guaranteed at all times through constant mixed gas metering. The FGT 5400 can dive down to depths of up to 54 meters without electronic support. The buoyancy and bail-out systems are included in delivery.

Flexible diving depths with semi-closed rebreathers

The Dräger FGT 5400 is a semi-closed rebreather (SCR). A constant gas dosage ensures a sufficient supply of oxygen at all times during the dive. The maximum diving depth is determined by the pre-mix used. Three gas mixtures are supported as standard, known as NATO mix B (60% O2), C (40% O2) and D (32.5% O2). Alternatively, the FGT 5400 can also be used with pure oxygen in closed-circuit operation.


​The FGT is a non-magnetic rebreather conforming to STANAG 2897, class A. All device components are designed and dimensioned according to the standard.

Easy and quick assembly

​The FGT 5400 Bypass is designed so that you can easily prepare for diving and be ready to go quickly. The rebreather is assembled in just a few simple steps. It can be assembled even in poor lighting conditions or confined spaces. No assembly tools are required.

A bail-out system provides added safety.

​A bail-out system can be used independently of the actual rebreather. It comprises a first and second stage and a separate cylinder of compressed air.

Compact design with integrated buoyancy material

​Buoyancy can be created with the FGT using the integrated buoyancy jacket with power inflater. The bail-out system is used to source the buoyancy gas, which is supplied from a separate compressed air cylinder.

Comfortable fit on your back

​The comfortable fit of the FGT 5400 on your back gives you a great amount of freedom of movement, especially during search and mine clearing operations.