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Fabius® Tiro D-M

​​The Fabius® Tiro D-M is suitable for the particular challenges faced by medical services and emergency rescue operations. The anaesthesia machine impresses with its compact, ergonomic design and rapid operational readiness.

Meeting your requirements

​The Fabius Tiro D-M meets all the requirements of standardised anaesthesia procedures such as inhalation anaesthesia and balanced anaesthesia and is available in two versions:

  • The first is the Fabius Tiro D-M trolley version. This is delivered in the Zarges® boxes B40.1Y and B20Y.
  • The second is the Fabius Tiro D-M wall-mounted version. This is specifically intended for use on ships
  • (e.g. frigates, supply ships and container systems). This version is also available in a Zarges® box.

Modular and robust design

Thanks to its modular design, the Fabius Tiro D-M can be assembled and dismantled in a short time. The accompanying packing list indicates which accessories can be found where. The robust system has undergone thorough packaging tests in our accredited test centre, simulating a transport route of more than 25,000 kilometres.​

For use in small spaces

The space-saving design of the Fabius Tiro D-M is intended for application outside of a traditional hospital environment. In these cases, it is important to take advantage of the available space without compromise in terms of functionality and flexibility. The trolley version with its small footprint is easy to manoeuvre. The wall-mounted version is characterised by its shallow depth. Both versions leave you enough room for working even if space is limited.​

Easy to use

The Fabius Tiro D-M follows the standardised Dräger user interface which is well-known from other Dräger devices. The simple and intuitive operation is complemented by an ergonomic design. This reduces training time and facilitates effective daily handling.​

Unconditionally reliable

Saving lives under the most difficult circumstances: The Fabius Tiro D-M enables any type of ventilation even during power outages. The integrated rechargeable batteries allow the machine to work independently for up to 60 minutes, depending on the conditions and set parameters. In an emergency, the Quick Start function enables rapid ventilation while the device is in standby mode. The fresh gas flow is monitored automatically and can be easily seen on the high-quality colour display. The high-contrast 6.5’’ TFT screen displays all relevant respiration information as numerical parameters as well as the pressure curve. This means all ventilator settings can be read accurately.​

Ventilation in all circumstances

The Core element of the Fabius Tiro D-M is the electronically controlled piston ventilator that allows for precision ventilation. The anaesthesia machine is also suitable for low-flow ventilation. The piston ventilator is electrically driven and does not require any driving gas. This results in a longer operating time when using a gas cylinder supply. In case of failure of the central or cylinder gas supply, the emergency ventilation function ensures a maintenance of ventilation with ambient air.​


  • Gas monitoring box (B.10Y), consisting of the following: Vamos® anaesthesia gas monitor, vaporiser, anaesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS), tubing, water trap, etc.

The following accessories are available for ordering in addition:


Accessory Catalogue 2024, en
Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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