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Isolette® 8000

A refreshing advancement in high-performance thermoregulation.

Proven concept with advanced technology

Our ability to reliably sustain a stable thermo-neutral microenvironment has made Dräger a trusted resource in hermoregulation. The brand Isolette® is associated with a proven and reliable design and has been known by caregivers across the globe for many decades.
The advanced thermoregulation system, controlled by Dräger’s elaborate PID algorithm, keeps the baby in a stable environment. Very low velocity is used to create a calm zone that surrounds the neonate, inhibiting convective heat loss, while dual air curtains and preemptive regulation mechanisms maintain practically stable conditions during access to the infant.

Increasing humidity levels in the microenvironment helps the fragile babies reduce transepidermal water loss and related cold stress. When humidification is required, the Isolette 8000 introduces a new level of precision that helps you effectively regulate the humidification process.

Designed with comfort in mind

Designed to reduce stress at every turn, bend and twist.

The longer a caregiver shift runs, the more they will come to appreciate the many ergonomic touches incorporated into the Isolette 8000. Easy access to the neonate, convenient height adjustment of the incubator and easy to reach controls make it a great incubator for any NICU. With its compact style, the Isolette 8000 is easy to manoeuvre. Lightweight, compact footprint, smooth trolley assembly and ergonomic foot-actuated brakes allow virtually effortless movement, even in congested NICU settings.

A hygienic concept that is pure genius

Enhancing infection control to keep pace with today’s practices and supporting a more hygienic care setting.

The Isolette 8000 introduces an innovative Condensation Management System that is specifically designed to address infection control practices. This latest advancement from Dräger collects the condensate from the incubator compartment and isolates it from the clean water supply of the humidity system. In addition, the entire humidity system can be easily removed for quick, convenient yet effective sterilisation after every patient to maintain the most hygienic environment possible.

Where effectiveness meets efficiency

Dräger's extensive experience in neonatal care and commitment to a smart NICU means you can count on the Isolette 8000 to work seamlessly within your environment. The Isolette 8000 is easily integrated into the NICU environment, with technologies you know and trust: Babylog® ventilation systems, Dräger jaundice management, Dräger monitoring devices and architectural design systems.


Isolette 8000 Product Information, en
Isolette 8000 Product Information, en


Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en
Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, we supply you with over 2,000 accessory item solutions. From breathing masks to flow sensors to disposable and reusable breathing circuits, we design and develop all our products according to your specific requirements.


Isolette 8000 Brochure, en
Isolette 8000 Brochure, en


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