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Dräger LAR 8000 Rebreather

Dräger LAR 8000

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Dräger LAR 8000

​The Dräger LAR 8000 is a rebreather for tactical diving that can be used in a closed circuit (CCR) or, for greater depths, in a semi-closed circuit (SCR). The non-magnetic rebreather is especially impressive due to its minimal breathing resistance, extremely robust design and very easy handling.

Dräger LAR 8000: The flexible rebreather for any mission

​In many situations, being able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances can be a matter of life or death. The Dräger LAR 8000 rebreather for tactical diving offers multiple options in a single device, so you are prepared for any conditions. Depending on the situation it can be operated closed-circuit (CCR) to prevent bubble formation, or semi-closed (SCR) with the use of nitrox to reach greater depths. It can also be worn either on the chest or back, depending on your requirements.

Minimal breathing resistance

​A diver faces a wide range of challenges. Anything that reduces strain and improves a diver’s readiness helps him to successfully complete the mission. One of the most relevant factors in this regard is the diving equipment's breathing resistance. The special design of the LAR 8000 guarantees a very low breathing resistance, enabling the user to breathe with less effort.

The diver benefits from having more energy to devote to the actual mission and, in the mid-term, he also needs less time to regenerate between dives. In the long-term, a low breathing resistance benefits the diver's health by reducing the strain on the respiratory organs.

Maximum safety

​The ready-to-use Dräger DiveSorb® Go 8000 is designed for maximum user-friendliness. The hygienic, individually wrapped cartridges are instantly ready for use and can be quickly inserted into the LAR 8000. Now, you will never have to fuss with lengthy preparations or run the risk of under/overfilling the tank or coming into contact with soda lime.

The Dräger training program also ensures that users are familiar with the LAR 8000 and ready to safely use it in their daily work.

Very easy handling

​Quick readiness and ease of use are guaranteed before, during and after the mission, regardless of whether visibility or space is limited. The LAR 8000 is mounted in just a few hand movements thanks to its click connections (P-Con) and completely eliminates the need for tools. The mouthpiece can be operated singlehandedly. After use, the individual components can be hygienically cleaned easily and reliably. Although it can be used for many different purposes, the diving gear is so self-explanatory that training is always quick and easy, saving you time and reducing costs.

Extremely durable

​The LAR 8000 is designed for use under harsh conditions. Its sturdy, heat- and cold-proof casing reliably protects the life-sustaining components inside the device. This goes for the soda lime container and pneumatic gear, as well as for the breathing bag, which is also protected by an additional cover towards the diver's body.

Adjustable lung demand valve

​The user can adjust the response threshold of the lung demand valve as needed for the task at hand. He can choose between very easy breathing, comfortable breathing in "normal" diving operation or a "hard" setting that supports the diver during tactical ascents. The diver can set the breathing resistance using a lever with three clearly defined and recognisable positions.

Non-magnetic (optional)

​The LAR 8000 is a non-magnetic diving apparatus conforming to STANAG 2897, class A. All device components are designed and dimensioned according to the standard.


IFU SP Manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures - 9100081 de, en me
IFU SP Manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures - 9100081 de, en me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


Technical Data

Key Facts

Front mounted Back mounted
Principal of opertaion
Closed circuit rebreather with oxygen ; Semi-closed circuit rebreather with nitrox
Tactical Diving, Submarine lockout, Recovery
Hard cover
Gas supply
switching between Oxygen and Nitrox
Adjustable lung demand valve
Manual bypass
Soda lime typ
Dive Sorb® Go 8000 ; Dive Sorb® Pro

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm (L x W x D)
0.46x0.34x0.19 m
Weight in water
Diving depth oxygen
up to 10 msw
Weight in air
30.86 lb
Diving duration Oxygen
up to 240 min
Diving depth Nitrox
up to 24 msw
Diving duration Nitrox
approx. 105 min.
Breathing gas
NATO A, 100 % O2 ; Nitrox NATO B, 60 % O2, 40 % N2
Operating temperature
0°C - 40°C
Storage temperature
-30°C - 50°C
Magnetic signature (optional)
STANAG 2897, Class A
Soda lime quantity
5.51 lb
Flexible volume of breathing bags
> 4,5 liter

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