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Dräger MRC 5000

​During an emergency, Dräger-Simsa mine refuge chambers provide mining personnel both shelter and breathing protection with the highest quality and safety standards. The robust and highly portable construction, as well as a low cost of maintenance, makes them ideally suited for diverse underground conditions.

Strengthened by a long history in the mining industry

When miners go underground, they should feel confident that everything possible has been done for their safety. We have been working on this goal with the mining industry for more than 100 years. The legendary closed-circuit breathing apparatus Dräger PSS® BG 4, which is the chosen form of protection for mine rescue teams around the globe, is one example of the unwavering reliability of Dräger products. This safety philosophy has proven its value in the toughest operating conditions worldwide. Using the same safety concept the Dräger-Simsa mine refuge chambers are built on technology that you can rely on.

Designed for extreme underground mining conditions

Dräger-Simsa mine refuge chambers are designed to provide a safe atmosphere in the harshest metal and non-metal underground mining conditions. The heavy duty double steel wall layers are full seamwelded to improve strength, rock fall resistance and hull pressure integrity. A hardened base with a sleigh type design in addition to forklift slots and lifting lugs allow for the safe and easy transportation of chambers inside the mine.

Fail-safe breathing air supply

The availability of a breathable atmosphere is critical during an underground emergency. Dräger-Simsa MRC 5000 has redundant air supply systems to ensure that the provision of safe and clean breathing air cannot be compromised during operation. The mine air supply is filtered and released into the chamber. If mine air supply is interrupted, and personnel have to remain inside the refuge for a longer period of time, the air inside the chamber is regenerated. The oxygen system releases a controlled amount of oxygen and the air within the chamber is recirculated through an air scrubbing system where carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed using Drägersorb® soda lime. An automatic pressure system provides a minimum 100 Pa positive pressure to prevent the ingress of contaminants into the refuge chamber and maintain a safe atmosphere.

Carbon monoxide—monitoring & control

The concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) within the Dräger-Simsa MRC 5000 is constantly monitored. Should a build-up of CO be detected during operation, the CO catalysis must be activated by the user, to keep the concentration at a safe level.

Breathing air regeneration system and power backup systems

In an emergency situation, external power or air supply may not be readily available. The Dräger-Simsa MRC 5000 are self-sufficient and do not depend on external air or power supplies to keep occupants safe. The air inside the chamber is regenerated by the CO2 scrubbing materials in the breathing air regeneration system. The breathing protection unit has a dedicated battery backup system and each fan works independently. High pressure cylinders replenish the oxygen in the chamber based on the needs of the occupants. A gas monitoring system monitors the atmosphere in the chamber and alerts the occupants when adjustments are required to the oxygen supply and/or scrubbing functions. Furthermore, the necessary energy for air conditioning, instrumentation, and illumination systems is supplied from a maintenance-free battery backup system which together with the inverter/charger system ensures the continuous power supply for possible periods of up to 96 hours. The air conditioning system provides the chamber with an interior temperature and humidity at acceptable conditions.

Gas detection technology for monitoring and alarm activation

Inside the Dräger-Simsa MRC 5000, the internal atmosphere is continuously monitored at all times for CO2, CO and O2 deficiency using Dräger’s industrial range of gas detection equipment. Dräger gas sensors provide quick response time and are built for longevity. If predefined alert thresholds are exceeded, the gas monitors emit both visual and acoustic warning signals to warn the occupants rapidly of potential gas hazards. This provides the opportunity to quickly adjust the systems and thus maintain a safe atmosphere.

Moving with you—the mobile refuge solution

The risk of entrapment in front mine developments can be minimized by using small and portable refuge chambers. The Dräger-Simsa mine refuge chambers are highly portable and can be fitted with transport attachments. Optionally, all Dräger-Simsa mine refuge chambers can be outfitted with wheels for additional mobility during transportation inside and outside the mine.

Support without compromise

To ensure your chamber is always ready for use, we recommend having the MRC 5000 checked by Dräger-Simsa authorized technical service agents at regularly intervals. Our comprehensive and worldwide service network ensures we can be onsite quickly for all your maintenance and repair needs. Dräger-Simsa ensures the proper operation of the refuge chambers, offering a permanent technical assistance with a stock of all required consumables such as Dräger soda lime, filters and gas detection components including sensors. Dräger service technicians are able to support with leakage tests and the calibration of gas detection equipment.


MRC 5000 Product Information, en-au
MRC 5000 Product Information, en-au


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