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Dräger Configuration and Evaluation Software Software

Dräger Configuration and Evaluation Software

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Dräger Configuration and Evaluation Software

Save measurement results, professionally configure gas detection instruments and viewing performance data – all that is possible with the tailor-made Dräger software.

Configuration of gas detectors

The software CC-Vision is the premium choice to configure your portable gas detector: easy use, comprehensive possibilities for configuration and saving individual settings. Moreover, CC-Vision can generate templates, used by X-dock to configure complete gas detector fleets. The best: CC-Vision is free of charge!

Data evaluation

The software GasVision 7 is the key to a benifical analysis of data collected by portable gas detectors. Analysing the graph, calculating average and finding peak values, creating excel exports and printing tables and charts - GasVision 7 is the ideal tool.
In conjunction with X-dock Manager, GasVision 7 gets data logger read out by X-dock with a simple mouse‑click.


CC-Vision can show the response curve during calibration and can document the calibration results. If you don't own an X-dock system for calibration, CC-Vision is the next best way to ease your life.

Real time measurements

GasVision 7 supports most of the Dräger portable gas detectors in regards to real time measurements. See the values immediately on your PC while the gas detector is measuring it.


Configuration and Evaluation Software Product information, en
Configuration and Evaluation Software Product information, en


CC-Vision Basic 8.1.1
CC-Vision Basic 8.1.1

Release Date: 22nd March, 2024


CC-Vision Classic Basic (Version 7.7.7)
CC-Vision Classic Basic (Version 7.7.7)

Only valid for the following products: X-am 3000, Multiwarn II, Miniwarn, Pac III and Pac Ex 2


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GasVision Version 8.0.5

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