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Dräger Swede Survival Systems Phase 4 | Simulated Garage Fire Fire Simulation Systems

Dräger Swede Survival Systems Phase 4 | Simulated Garage Fire

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Dräger Swede Survival Systems Phase 4 | Simulated Garage Fire

​​With today’s improved fire prevention methods, firefighters have fewer opportunities to gain first-hand experience of fighting live fires. The proven Swede Survival Phase 4 System trains firefighters to understand fire behavior in a simulated garage area and learn techniques to control fire conditions— in a controlled, repeatable setting.

Proven system, training included

Class A Dräger Swede Survival Systems combine purpose-built training units with Dräger-certified instructional programs that train firefighters on fire behavior in different situations. As a result, you can continually advance the abilities and confidence of firefighters. The Phase 4 System builds upon the knowledge gained in other Phases, by simulating an entry room with heat and smoke leading to a large live fire room, providing additional fire attack scenarios.

At Dräger, we believe in a progressive learning process when teaching the characteristics of fire. Our instructional program can be traced to the multi-phased live fire training program developed by the Swedish Rescue Services Agency in Skovde, Sweden.

Purpose designed for training on various scenarios

​The Phase 4 System is configured with two 40 ft (12.19 m) containers side-by-side and a 20 ft (6.09 m) container installed perpendicularly at the entry point of the burn chamber. This layout forms a hallway entry into a double-wide burn chamber for more advanced and dynamic scenarios. The additional width lets you train two nozzle teams entering from opposite sides of the structure. This system is offered with an optional car prop, to simulate a more realistic garage scenario.

Rugged construction for long-term use

With proper maintenance, Swede Survival Systems have been known to withstand more than 1,000 training sessions. The burn chamber floors, walls and ceiling are lined with high temperature insulation material that is protected behind a seal-welded layer of 11 gauge steel. This protects the structural integrity of the container from the grueling temperature swings the container is designed to withstand over many hundreds of training evolutions.

Two-day instructor certification workshop

​The Dräger Swede Survival Phase 4 System includes a two-day train-the-trainer workshop for up to 10 instructors. This workshop is conducted by instructors who have extensive experience training various evolutions in the Dräger Swede Survival Systems. This training and certification process ensures that your instructors become thoroughly familiar with the safe and effective use of the Phase 4 training system.

Expert training comes standard from Dräger

​Dräger Phase 4 training includes a four-hour classroom session covering the theory of operation, recommended loading procedures, pre-evolution briefing, safety procedures, and maintenance of the system.

Classroom training is followed by the hands-on portion of the training, which consists of operating the Phase 4 with the trainer’s instructions. Each student executes a complete training evolution—from loading the materials, inspecting students prior to entry, igniting the fire, controlling the growth of the fire and stages of evolution, to ending the session and debriefing.

Dräger offers a full line of container-based Class A fire training structures, which represent a comprehensive fire training curriculum.

The Phase 4 System includes

  • ​Two (2) 40 ft. (12.19 m) containers and one (1) 20 ft (6.09 m) container
  • High performance insulation
  • 16 gauge steel exterior
  • 11 gauge sheet metal covering insulation in burn chamber
  • 11 gauge steel flooring in burn chamber and adjacent area
  • 5/16" chain on walls, ceiling, and doors of burn areas to hold Class A materials
  • Entry room leading to garage structure
  • Partition from entry room to main garage area with entry door
  • Double wide burn chamber in garage structure
  • Controllable ventilation system
  • Concrete paving to line burn area floor
  • 55-gallon crib fire drum (x2)
  • 2 side entry doors without locks in garage
  • 2 side entry doors without locks in entry room
  • Access for hose lines
  • Paint red oxide
  • A/B/C/D Signage
  • Low flow nozzle – 30/60/95/125 GPM
  • 2-day train-the-trainer course with certified instructors

The Phase 4 training course includes

  • ​Certified instructors
  • Ignition sources
  • Fire behavior
  • Formation of fire gases
  • Fire control
  • Container operations
  • Hydraulic ventilation
  • Smoke and ventilation exercises
  • Nozzle technique
  • Smoke conditions recognition
  • Container management
  • Overall safety

Available options include

  • ​Custom paint colors and logos
  • Car prop
  • Emergency vent hatch–burn chamber
  • Thermocouple temperature monitoring system
  • Custom container configurations

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