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Dräger TRT 7000

Realistic, safe and repeatable training: The Dräger TRT 7000 allows you to prepare rescue personell for complex truck accident and Hazmat scenarios with reduced cost, logistical and environmental implications.

As challenging as the real scenarios can be

The shape and various details of the training facility generate a realistic reconstruction of a commercial truck. The driver’s door is constructed from steel and is the same weight as per a real truck. Details such as seat belt, intake air duct and dashboard were also taken into consideration. To make the exercises as realistic as possible; the operator is able to simulate engine noises and vary resistance when spreading parts.

It is even possible to simulate “entrapment” of a person requiring rescue in the TRT 7000.

Front end collision or multiple pile-up

A full range of training scenarios is possible; victim recovery, hazardous material, command & control and load recovery. Repeatability of scenarios permits the students an opportunity to practice skills. Whether its recruit or refresher training; a full range of victim recovery and hazardous material scenarios can be conducted simultaneously.

A holistic training system for rescue training scenarios

The entire system can be mounted on a 20 feet trailer assembly. This makes the TRT 7000 a fully portable solution which can be used to deliver training almost anywhere. Take the training to the students and combat the tyranny of distance. As such, rescue and hazardous material training can be delivered with just one system.

Safe training

The TRT 7000 can be equiped with different mock-ups and options which were designed that all parts work together for an safe training. Even the extrication forces applied during different scenarios were calculated for the structural analysis. It also prevents the front section from uncontrolled movement.

Replace consumable sections easily

Dräger provides a wide range of consumables and spare parts at this area. All consumables are fixed by clamping plates and can be easily removed without any tools. The TRT 7000 is in a few minutes ready for the next training.