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Dräger VarioGard 2300/2320 IR Infrared Sensor Principle

Dräger VarioGard 2300/2320 IR

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Dräger VarioGard 2300/2320 IR

In many fields of work, quick and reliable gas detection is a must. This is why we offer the Dräger VarioGard stationary gas detector range. These gas-warning devices can be deployed to monitor possible gas leaks or work place exposure limits.

The one to count on

The Dräger VarioGard 2300/2320 comes equipped with highly precise infrared optical sensors, which greatly reduce the possibility of false alarms so that it should only sound when real danger is evident. The IR sensors are also extremely robust and rarely need to be recalibrated. Another plus is that they are resistant to outside factors in the air which could cause damage to the sensor.

Gas library and variable measuring ranges

Thanks to its library function of either methane or liquid gas (LPG), the Dräger VarioGard 2300 can be used for different applications. With the VarioGard 2320 for carbon dioxide measurement, you can set its alarm to sound either in ppm, when the work place exposure limits has been exceeded, or in Vol.-% for leakage.

All of these options are easily and quickly accomplished with the accompanying VarioGard PC software.

Simple set-up and handling

The Dräger VarioGard 2300/2320 can be easily installed and put into operation without any special knowledge or training. All devices are set up before delivery and do not require any additional configuring. Maintenance is equally hassle-free and needs minimal equipment.

Standardised output signal

Due to their standardised 4-20-mA signal the Dräger VarioGard range can be combined with numerous other components and easily integrated into other systems and operations.

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