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VentStar® Oxylog® Breathing Systems Breathing Circuits

VentStar® Oxylog® Breathing Systems

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VentStar® Oxylog® Breathing Systems

Reliable, practical and tested for safety. The VentStar® Oxylog® disposable breathing circuits provide an ideal connection between patient and the emergency transport ventilator Oxylog, and therefore forming an important component of the medical system.

Ideal connection between the patient and the emergency transport ventilator

The Dräger VentStar disposable breathing systems are compatible with the Oxylog emergency transport ventilators and can be used for ventilation during transport. In addition to the hose system for adults, Dräger also offers a paediatric hoses with lower compliance and smaller dead space volumes. This enables patients with a tidal volume of 50 ml to 250 ml to be optimally supplied when using the Oxylog 3000 plus emergency transport ventilator.


The use of disposable ventilation hoses not only helps to prevent costly cross-infections, but also helps to optimise work processes. The disposable breathing circuits are packed ‘ready to use’ and can be used straight from the package. In order to make storage easier, the VentStar Oxylog 2000 plus / 3000 Family breathing circuits are compatible with the Oxylog 2000 plus, Oxylog 3000 plus, Oxylog 3000 and Oxylog VE300 (Option Plus) ventilators.

Tested materials

Dräger disposable breathing circuits are made from biocompatible materials. In order to prevent any possible complications right from the outset, all components that carry breathing gas are made from PVC-free materials. Components made from PVC do not contain plasticizers such as DEHP.

Dräger original

The VentStar breathing circuits have been carefully designed and rigorously tested to work as part of a complete solution together with the relevant devices. The breathing systems are fitted with expiration valves and flow sensors designed and tested for use with the devices concerned. The VentStar Oxylog 2000 and VentStar Oxylog 2000 plus / 3000 Family disposable breathing circuits have a connector block which guarantees a quick and safe connection to both lines of the flow sensor at the device.


Ventstar Oxylog Product Information, en
Ventstar Oxylog Product Information, en


Accessory catalogue 2022, en
Accessory catalogue 2022, en


Technical Datasheet Disposable Delta P Flowsensor, en
Technical Datasheet Disposable Delta P Flowsensor, en


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