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Dräger X-plore® 7300

The Dräger X-plore® 7300 is the suitable powered air purifying respirator when it comes to protection against hazardous particles. Ideal for use in dusty atmospheres: including grinding and wood work applications, various types of welding, and pharmaceutical applications.

Versatile combination options

For the most varied applications there is a large program of Dräger X-plore helmet, hoods and visors as well as half- and full-face masks available. The powered air purifying respirator has been tested and approved in accordance with EN 12942 or EN 12941.

Clear multifunctional control panel

The clear multifunctional control panel provides constant monitoring of the battery status and filter exhaustion. The air flow can also be adjusted individually via the multifunctional control panel. Thus everything is always under control at the press of a button.

Flexible filter insert

Upon request the X-plore 7300 can additionally be used with prefilters and odour filters.

Acoustic and visual warning devices

Whether the service life of filters or the battery has been reached or whether the resistance is increasing or the air flow reducing, any potentially dangerous situation is indicated by a conspicuous flashing of the display and a vivid warning sound.

Powerful NiMH battery

With up to 15 hours operating time the environmentally friendly NiMH battery grants the greatest possible moveability and independence. The NiMH can be charged separately or whilst installed.

360 Product View

Draeger X-plore 7300 360


Filter Selection Guide, en
Filter Selection Guide, en

This brochure will give you a brief overview of the most important factors to consider when choosing filtering respiratory protection devices. This information can help you protect yourself against harmful substances in the air by selecting the appropriate masks and filters.


Guide for selection and use of filtering devices, en
Guide for selection and use of filtering devices, en

Guide for selection and use of filtering devices


IFU X-plore 7300 Filter TH/M3 PSL 9021779 ME
IFU X-plore 7300 Filter TH/M3 PSL 9021779 ME

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


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